TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 207 - 'The Bottle Imp'



Grimm Episode 207
“The Bottle Imp”
Written By: Alan DiFiore
Directed By: Darnell Martin
Original Airdate: 12 October 2012

In This Episode...

A down-on-his-luck man named William Granger, picks up his daughter, April, from his ex-wife’s house and heads out of town. They stop to fuel up the truck, but none of his credit cards work. Granger is aggravated, and the attendant ends up dead. Knowing he has to ditch his truck, Granger uses his daughter to guilt a random guy in a pickup into giving them a lift. Things are fine until an Amber alert announces to the driver who is passengers are. Granger grabs hold of the steering wheel and drives them off the road.

Surveillance footage at the gas station yields an ID. The car is registered to Granger’s wife, who Nick and Hank find bloodied and beaten in her own home. She reveals herself to be wesen. They also retrieve Granger’s laptop which shows web searches for an enormous amount of arsenal, fallout shelters, and other survivalist necessities. They also discover photos of a site deep in the woods. Wu figures out this hiding place, and they raid it. In an underground bunker, made up of a complicated series of tunnels, Nick discovers April, who bonds with him immediately. Granger had gone out for supplies, leaving the girl alone.

Back at the station, April is turned over to social services, who places her in a temporary foster home until her mom is out of the hospital. A tip comes in that Granger went to the hospital to visit his wife, and the police close in. When they arrive, he is hunched over her bed. He is taken into custody without incident, but the wife insists it wasn’t William who beat her to a pulp - it was April. At 9-years-old, she was reaching wesen puberty far earlier than normal, and mom couldn’t control her. Dad’s plan to take her out to the woods was the only way he could think to keep people safe.

The cops rush to April’s foster home, where trouble is already brewing. One of the other children there is pushy, and April doesn’t take too kindly to this. She and the boy get into a fight, and when the foster parents try to separate them, April goes feral and bites into foster dad’s arm. The family flees as the cops pull up. Nick finds April swinging sanguinely, but her smile reveals blood and a chunk of flesh stuck between her teeth. She is sent to juvenile hall, where a wesen guard will keep an eye on her.

Also: Juliette is starting to have strange feelings and visions of Renard. She and Nick have “date night” which culminates in a kiss - until Juliette thinks she is kissing Renard and pulls away, shaken. And in a pointless side story, Monroe mixes up a potion as per Rosalee’s instructions, but he mixes up two of the herbs and ends up with something that was meant to cure an inner ear infection, but instead turns the customer into a schizophrenic. Luckily Monroe seems to fix it with an antidote potion.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was kind of boring. It picked up when they revealed April as the psychopath. It was obvious, yes, but there is nothing scarier than children - except for demonic children.

Big Bad...

...Drang-zorn. These bear-like wesen are short-tempered, irrational, and like to take refuge in underground dens.


An alliance is brewing between Adalind and Renard’s brother. Meanwhile, it seems that Renard’s “cure” for Juliette has also made him a bit obsessed with her.