TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 211' - 'To Protect and Serve Man'


Grimm Episode 211
“To Protect and Serve Man”
Written By: Dan E. Fesman
Directed By: Omar Madha
Original Airdate: 9 November 2012

In This Episode...

Seven years ago, when Hank was still in uniform, he answered a domestic violence call. Inside, he found the Kreski brothers, one alive, one dead. The shooter had run out the back door. Hank gave chase and arrested him. The whole time, the suspect, Craig Ferren, was crying that “they are monsters” and “they wanted to eat me.” The authorities suspected he was laying the groundwork for an insanity plea, but he was found fit to be tried and was sentenced to death.

Ferren is 36 hours away from the death chamber, and now with Hank’s knowledge of the Wesen underworld, he is starting to wonder if maybe Ferren was telling the truth. Nick agrees to help. They interview Ferren, who has given up on anyone believing him. They talk to his girlfriend, who never believed Ferren was a killer. They talk to the lead detective on the case, who thinks they are wasting their time. They talk to Ferren’s public defender, who gave him the best defense his (lack of) money could buy. He does offer one thing of use: sketches that Ferren drew of the beasts that attacked him. Nick and Hank compare those sketches to the books in the trailer, and discover the Kreskis were most likely cannibalistic creatures called wendigos.

Nick shows Ferren a picture from his books, which is proof to Ferren that he wasn’t making it up, and he opens up. He visited the Kreski house to fix their clogged sink, and the Kreskis were making crude jokes about “having” him for dinner. He got spooked and tried to leave, but the Kreskis wouldn’t let him. He then saw them change into their wendigo form. He fought them off as best he could, grabbed his handgun from his toolkit, and shot them.

Unfortunately, this is not proof that the cops can take to court. Wendigos are known to bury the bones of those they have eaten in pits at their homes. If they can find human remains at the old Kreski house, that would at least be enough to prove that Ferren was acting in self defense. The house the brothers lived in seven years ago has been demolished and is now a neighborhood grocery store. But one Kreski is still alive: Johnny. He has gone into hiding since the incident. It takes some digging, but Hank and Nick finally find him. They pay him a visit at work. He doesn’t want anything to do with them. Hank pushes him to the point that he shifts, just enough so Nick can confirm he is a wendigo. 

While Johnny is still at work, Hank and Nick go to his house and snoop around. There is a warrant out for Johnny because he skipped jury duty. It’s thin reasoning, but gives them a legal excuse to enter the house. They find a trapdoor beneath the fridge and slip into the crawlspace. A large plank of wood covers a pit in the ground that is filled with human remains. Johnny comes home as the guys are coming out of the crawlspace. Hank makes it out first, and Johnny immediately attacks him. The trapdoor slams shut, knocking Nick backwards and into the human remains pit (Nick’s reaction is comical - he is thoroughly grossed out.) Hank and Johnny continue fighting as Nick comes out. He calls the D.A. to tell her they have proof that Johnny is a killer, while Hank follows Johnny. Johnny ends up back inside, attacks Nick, who throws him out a window. He starts going towards Hank, who shoots him dead. There was enough evidence there to get a court order to dig up the grocery store and find proof that he was a murderer seven years ago. There is also enough evidence to stop Ferren’s execution.

Also: Both Juliette and Renard are distraught over their mutual obsession with each other. Renard asks if she would be willing to try a potential cure - she would. Renard sets everything up with Monroe, offering to pay him whatever it takes to close the shop while they are their for their evaluation. He returns the next day with Juliette. Monroe is in the back room when they come in. Juliette is a little nervous. Renard calms her with a kiss. They two are still kissing as Monroe comes out and interrupts them.They separate and that is when Juliette and Monroe lock eyes. Oh shit.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode had everything. Hideous monsters. Cannibals. A ticking clock. Sure, it also had the super cheesy extra last-minute stay of execution, but at least he got a big, juicy hit of diazepam. What was almost as engrossing was watching Juliette agree to try Renard’s “cure,” because you know that cure involves Monroe, and you know that Juliette remembers Monroe, so it was a nail biter as we waited for the reveal. It wasn’t an insane, screaming, throwing stuff reveal, but it was satisfying. I think this was one of the best episodes of the series.

Big Bad...

...Wendigos. These seem to be the fiercest creatures on Grimm so far - or at least the most monstrous. They have teeth like needles, eyes that glow yellow, and a taste for human flesh. Their breath often reeks of burning human flesh.


In the Fall finale, Juliette admits to Nick that she has feelings for another man (so I guess Monroe couldn’t come up with a cure.) And Adalind is back to finish what she started and get the key.