TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 212 - 'Season of the Hexenbiest'



Grimm Episode 212
“Season of the Hexenbiest”
Story By: Jim Kouf
Teleplay By: Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt
Directed By: Karen Gaviola
Original Airdate: 16 November 2012

In This Episode...

Monroe nervously tells Nick about his encounter with Juliette in the spice shop. Nick is devastated. He goes home to Juliette, who wanted to talk, and she admits that she has feelings for someone else. Nick = crushed. He asks who the other man is, but changes his mind. He doesn’t want to know. He spends the night in his trailer.

That same night, Hank gets an unexpected visit from Adalind. She is all fake smiles and apologies. Hank wisely sends her on her way, but when he goes back inside with the intention of calling Nick, he is attacked by a pair of Wesen. Nick gets the call in the morning from Wu, and goes straight to Hank, who is in the hospital, badly beaten. He tells Nick that Adalind is back in town and thinks he killed her mom. Nick has to find Adalind. 

Monroe calls Nick to ‘fess up that Juliette had come over to talk and fallen asleep on his couch. Nick tells him about Adalind and tells him to keep Juliette there, but she already left. Nick calls Juliette, but she is ignoring his calls. She is heading out of the house when she runs into Adalind, and the two women go for coffee. They catch up with what has been going on with each of them (a murdered mom, a coma and a broken relationship) and realize they have both had a rough couple months. Adalind starts drilling Juliette (gently) on what she remembers and where Aunt Marie’s trailer is. Juliette, annoyed that Nick has been calling all afternoon, finally answers her phone. He is relieved to hear she is okay, and warns her that Adalind is in town. She doesn’t want to, but admits that she is with Adalind. Adalind - who doesn’t mind being put in jail because it is safer - invites Nick to come down to the coffee shop. He does - and brings the entire Portland police department with him. Wu arrests Adalind for her mother’s murder and Juliette is furious with Nick.

It gets a little muddy at this point, as there is a lot of conspiracy going on. Adalind is working for the royal family, and she sent the verrat squad to Hank as an intimidation technique because Renard is taking too long. Basically, Adalind tells Renard he has 48 hours to get the key from Nick, otherwise she will tell him who his captain really is. Monroe has been sniffing around Hank’s house and figures that it was at least two verrat who attacked Hank. He then goes to Adalind’s hotel room, and he sees four verrat in her room when asking for “Leroy.” The verrat chase Monroe into the parking lot. After a quick stop at the trailer for the key and a huge spikey bat, Nick meets Monroe and beats the hell out of the quartet of verrat. He almost gets the dirt from the lone female verrat, but one of her cohorts rips out her throat before she can talk. He sends Monroe home with the murder weapon and their attackers’ cell phones and wallets. Nick goes to Adalind and she makes him a deal similar to the one she gave Renard: give her the key, and she will tell Nick who this trouble-making royal in Portland is.

Adalind told Renard about Aunt Marie’s trailer. He runs some searches until he finally finds it. He doesn’t have time to go in of course - this has to be a two-parter. But there is one more cliffhanger. Monroe had been debating with himself about showing Nick something, and when Nick moves out of his house and crashes with Monroe, he decides he has to. Monroe plays him a recording of a press conference Renard gave, and shows him to Nick as the man Juliette was smooching in the spice shop. The color drains from Nick’s face, and Monroe, idiotically asks, “Do you know him?” (Dumbest question ever - it says on the screen that he is the head of the Portland homicide division. Monroe knows that Nick is in homicide. Of course Nick knows him.)

Dig It or Bury It?

Oooh, I hate “to be continueds.” Especially in this case, because it is getting so good. I think it is safe to say I am officially hooked - and borderline obsessed - with Grimm. It took a little too long to get here (with the whole Renard secret) but the whole Juliette situation was distraction enough, and now it is all converging into one glorious supernova of conspiracy nonsense. I suspect (well, I hope) there will be some epic battle between Nick and Renard. I’m sure that Adalind will “cure” Juliette after tricking Nick into giving up the key, then he and Renard will have to put their differences aside and work together to get the key back from Adalind. Renard will have to choose sides - either his brother or Nick.


Grimm is on hiatus until next year. Of course - just as it was really getting good.