TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 214 - 'Natural Born Wesen'



grimmGrimm Episode 214
“Natural Born Wesen”
Written By: Thomas Ian Griffith & Mary Page Keller
Directed By: Michael Watkins
Original Airdate: 15 March 2013

In This Episode...

When Nick comes out of his brief coma, there is still one more step in the cure: Renard and Juliette must drink a potion that includes a few drops of Nick’s blood. They take it - nothing happens. Juliette goes home.

Hank and Nick answer a call about a bank robbery. Monroe was there when it happened and he is relieved to see them. The robbers were all Wesen and they had their game faces on. This is a huge violation of Wesen code and endangers the Wesen community. Monroe decides to reach out to the Wesen community, and he starts at a dive bar on the edge of town. This is definitely not Monroe’s scene, but the thieves are hanging out there. When they hear Monroe asking about it, a bar fight ensues. Nick and Hank break it up, but all involved decline to press charges. It does give Nick a good excuse to get everyone’s information.

The two robbers from the bar are Cole and Crystal, a Mickey-and-Mallory type pair who are cartoonishly out of control. There was a third robber, Gus, who they find later on by looking up Cole’s known associates. The address on Cole and Crystal’s IDs is an abandoned factory. When Nick and Hank go to investigate, they find nothing but a homeless man who fears the “monsters” will cut out his tongue.

The Wesen community is up in arms. Copycat crimes - Wesen robbing banks in full monster face - are springing up all around the state, and the non-felonious Wesen are terrified of being outed. Rosalee promises that she can handle it, and reveals to Monroe that her father, at one point, was part of the Wesen council. It is something very, very secretive, but her father’s paperwork yields a contact in Germany. De Groot is concerned when she calls, and promises to handle it.

Cole, Crystal and Gus hit another bank, but this one ends with several fatalities. Gus decides at this point, he is out. This was supposed to be a few quick scores, no one gets killed, but Cole and Crystal’s egos are out of control. They kill Gus at his house, then head back to the factory, which is where Nick and Hank find them. The four of them have a huge gunfight, but when the ammo runs out, they move to hand-to-hand combat. Police win, and Hank and Nick arrest them. It is a highly publicized arrest, with lots of press at the station when they bring them in... which is just was De Groot was hoping for. He sent an assassin down there who shoots Cole and Crystal, then surrenders. Almost instantly, the copycat crimes cease.

During all this, Nick and Renard have an uneasy truce. Renard promises that Rosalee’s potion helped a lot and assures Nick that he wants to be on the same side. His brother wants Nick’s key, and right now, Nick is the only one he trusts with it. Nick, for his part, decides to wear the key around his neck from now on.

Meanwhile, Juliette is home, but the moment she enters, she sees a massive sinkhole in her living room. And the door is jammed. And the stairs stretch up to infinity. Clearly, this is all in her mind, but she spends an entire day curled up on the stairs, scared. She dropped her phone into the hole, which seems to be gurgling demonically and shooting little white flashes of light. Her phone rings and tired of being stuck there, Juliette prepares herself to jump into the void. But as she does, the floorboards magically reappear. Her phone is there - no dark pit. The upstairs returns. She is relieved. But in the middle of the night, she gets a call. The same demonic gurgling is calling. Her cell phone has the same flashes of light across the screen. And she looks over the edge of her bed to find it floating above the pit.

Dig It or Bury It?

Things I liked about this episode: 

1. The uneasy truce between Nick and Renard.

2. Learning about the Wesen council and all this other mythology stuff. We are so close to getting the truth about those damn keys...

Things I didn’t like about this episode:

1. The Mickey and Mallory-esque pair. They were just so cartoony it was sad.

2. Why doesn’t someone just tell Juliette what is going on? All the secrecy alone is driving her to madness; how much worse could the truth be? Honestly, that is just driving me crazy. TELL HER!


We get a new Wesen next week, a big insect thing that blinds its victims. It looks pretty cool.