TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 217 - 'One Angry Fuchsbau'



grimmGrimm Episode 217
“One Angry Fuchsbau”
Written By: Richard Hatem
Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Original Airdate: 5 April 2013

In This Episode...

Several months ago, a man terrorizes his wife. He chases her throughout their mansion, furious because she is not wearing the dress he picked for her. He reveals himself to be Wesen (blutbad, I think) and she is a mousey Wesen. The fight escalates, and he throws her off the balcony. Now, Donald Nadaria is standing trial for murdering his wife, Katherine. His defense attorney, Barry Kellogg, has something up his sleeve: a toad. When Kellogg speaks to the jury, he lets off some kind of invisible pixie dust that is inhaled by the jurors. Rosalee is on the jury and she comes home sick. Monroe takes her to the courthouse the next day, and sits in the gallery. The eye witness, the maid, is on the stand and Monroe notices that when the prosecutor questions her, she is firm in her description of what happened. But when Kellogg does his cross, she starts to question her own testimony - then eventually concedes that Katherine threw herself over the balcony. Monroe is perturbed by this and follows Kellogg into the bathroom, where he sees a toad hopping about - and Kellogg’s hand extend from one of the stalls to catch said toad - and eat it.

Monroe brings Hank and Nick back to the courthouse to watch the trial. Wu takes the stand (he was the first on scene) and he has the same about-face with his testimony. That night, the boys, along with Rosalee, start doing some research, and figure out that Kellogg is a ziegevolt who can give off pheromones that influence a person to believe whatever the ziegevolt has to say. Rosalee finds a potion that can neutralize the effects of the pheromone, but it requires some of Kellogg’s sweat. The gang sets up a sting in order to get what they need. Kellogg comes out of a bar with a young lady when Monroe - in full Wesen form - attacks. Kellogg runs; Monroe chases. A few blocks away, Kellogg bumps into Bud. Recognizing him as Wesen, Bud offers to help him escape. In the truck as they drive away, Bud hands Kellogg a handkerchief to dab his sweaty face with. Bud delivers the hanky to Rosalee, who steeps it and combines the sweat with the rest of the ingredients to make an antidote. She can only produce one dose, and Kellogg’s toad must be dosed to ensure he experiences the full effects. Hank and Nick keep Kellogg busy with questions about the previous night’s attack, while Monroe sneaks in and doses the toad. Naturally, Kellogg has two toads tucked into his briefcase; Monroe picks one blindly. It was the right one - the jury didn’t buy Kellogg’s closing arguments (although Rosalee said that if the potion works, it will negate all the other things Kellogg influenced the jury with. I’m not really sure how that works...) and Nadaria is convicted (but of first-degree murder, which is weird, because it was clearly a second-degree murder). Kellogg is shocked. That night, Kellogg drunkenly stumbles into the spice shop, desperate for help. Monroe tries to move him out of the store, but Rosalee comes out. Kellogg recognizes her, Wesens-out, at attacks. Monroe responds by fighting back. Nick prevents him from killing Kellogg, then arrests Kellogg for assault. And wouldn’t you know it, but Kellogg is put in the cell next to Nadaria.

Meanwhile, Nick talks Monroe into taking Juliette back to Marie’s trailer. She is not scared by Marie’s strange books and medieval weapon collection - she is more bemused than anything. Her memories of Nick in the trailer start flooding back, just little pieces, but dozens of them, all at once. She is overwhelmed and leaves. Later she calls that Hispanic woman from a bunch of episodes ago, who offers nothing but to say that Juliette is walking the line between lightness and dark. That night, more memories flood back to her: innocuous little scenes, like Nick asking where his favorite sweater is, heading out to a crime scene, singing her a song... saying “I love you.” This scares her more.

Renard clues Nick and Hank in on the bomber. Over in Vienna, Adalind is reunited with Eric, who is not happy to hear that she did not get the key. Eric decides it is time he pay his brother a visit. He also seems to suspect that Adalind is pregnant.

Dig It or Bury It?

For the love of all that is good and kind, would someone please let/force Juliette to remember. I am so sick of this nonsense. Why is she afraid of a ghost of Nick saying he loves her? I am so frustrated with this - and so over it.

I really enjoyed the caper-like elements in the procedural story. They really got everyone in on the sweat-heist. I loved it. And when Kellogg was put in jail, right next to Nadaria, the first thing I thought was, “This guy is going to get the prison-raping of a lifetime.”

Big Bad...

...Ziegevolt. This goat-like Wesen has a unique gland in its brain that gives off pheromones that can influence people into your way of thinking.


A flaming hell demon shows up to destroy Portland! Neat.