TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 219 - 'Endangered'



grimmGrimm Episode 219
Written By: Spiro Skentzos
Directed By: David Straiton
Original Airdate: 30 April 2013

In This Episode...

A couple of men are riding ATVs on their farm one night. One of them, John, stops when he notices one of their cows is dead, its intestines spilling over the ground. Another cow is killed the same way, and another. In all, seven. John is surprised by an alien - blue, glowing, hairless, and just as startled by John. The alien pushes John, impaling him on some wood before escaping. The alien is actually a Wesen named Vincent who is trying to deliver cow ovaries to his pregnant Wesen wife, Jocelyn. She is nursing a difficult pregnancy in a nearby barn. 

Nick and Wu are called in on this case after John’s buddy reports an “alien attack” at the farm. At the same time, a UFO hunter overhears the call and heads to Portland. Nick and Wu don’t find anything particularly alien at the crime scene, except for a scrap of lizard-like skin found on a barbed wire fence. The CSI techs analyze the scrap. It is definitely skin, but she cannot determine if it is human skin or animal skin, as it contains bioluminescence not seen in humans. Nick’s research leads him to believe the “alien” is a gluhenvolk, a Wesen who Rosalee thought was extinct. Gluhenvolks were hunted to (near) extinction like buffalo, for their glowing hides. This is why Vincent and Jocelyn have been hiding out and living in fear. It turns out that the UFO hunter is a Wesen himself who has been hunting gluhenvolks to sell their precious, precious skins.

Jocelyn is “watch your shoes” pregnant, so Vincent pulls off the road so they can rest in an abandoned cabin. He then heads out to get some food for her. Nick, Monroe, and Rosalee find her ahead of the hunter. Jocelyn is so shocked and frightened that she goes into labor. Rosalee promises they are there to help and takes charge of delivering the baby Wesen. Vincent arrives just in time for the beautiful moment. Shortly after the baby pops out, the hunter shows up with a gun carrying bullets filled with a special potion that will force a Wesen to remain in Wesen form for hours after their death. He is startled to see a Grimm, and Monroe uses this distraction to tackle the hunter. Nick grabs the hunter’s gun and shoots him dead. They help the gluhenvolk family escape to safety and leave the hunter - in Wesen form - where the authorities can find the “alien.”

Meanwhile, Juliette is finally stepping into her memories, reliving them, and remembering them as her own. Tonight she recounts the time, four years ago, when she and Nick exchanged “I love yous” for the first time. She is nervous and excited because she can actually feel the love from that night. She is scared that it is too late to tell Nick how she feels; Monroe does his best to reassure her. But she has one more question: What is a Grimm? Monroe, thankfully, doesn’t pussyfoot around it this time. “He can see into the heart of darkness, see things that people don’t understand,” Monroe explains. Juliette remembers Nick saying virtually the same thing that last night in the trailer. Monroe is trying to tell her that Nick is “different.”

I don’t know where he finds the time, but Nick is also back on the “key mystery” this week. He finally shows the key - along with the map it creates - to Monroe, who recognizes it as an ancient map of the Black Forest in Germany (his great-great-great-whatever grandfather was a cartographer). Nick asks Renard about it, both having reached a hesitant but necessary trust with one another. There are seven keys, one held by each of seven Crusaders, all Grimms. While Crusading, they found something so valuable they couldn’t turn it over to their masters, so they hid it somewhere and each took a key. The location of this secret something can only be divulged with all seven keys. The royal family holds four of the keys - at least one of which they tortured out of Nick’s ancestors. There are several rumors and myths as to what the keys protect. One is that it is the secrets of alchemy; another says it is the key to eternal life. Some say it has something to do with Mohammed’s sword; while others say it is the nails that crucified Jesus.

Dig It or Bury It?

There was a lot going on in this episode. Maybe that is a good thing - it felt like a loaded-up episode that moved swiftly. Honestly, I don’t have much of an opinion on either of the three main  plotlines. The whole episode was well paced and each story had the proper amount of attention. I really liked the glowy blue Wesen this week - I like shiny things.

Big Bad...

...Gluhenvolk. These Wesen glow blue when anxious or provoked. They have their history in ancient Africa, and are exceedingly rare - both Rosalee and Monroe thought they were extinct. As a child, Rosalee believed that seeing one was good luck. Apparently the last remaining gluhenvolk live a quiet life in Alaska

Also this week, we meet raub-kondor, a hunting bird-type Wesen who can turn their head around as much as an owl.


Nick gets a kiss from a witch that makes him fall into obsession with her. Apparently only true love’s kiss can snap him out of it, so it is up to Juliette. So not only is it a rehash of what happened with Juliette and Renard, it has a conclusion that was ripped out of Once Upon a Time. I truly hope the episode doesn’t suck as much as it sounds like it will.