TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 222 - 'Goodnight, Sweet Grimm'



GrimmGrimm Episode 222
“Goodnight, Sweet Grimm”
Written By: Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt
Directed By: Norberto Barba
Original Airdate: 21 May 2013

In This Episode...

Let’s start in Austria. Frau Pech is mixing up a heinous-looking elixir. She has a bellhop dose Adalind’s room service, then sneaks in when Adalind passes out. Frau Pech draws some spinal fluid from Adalind, then puts it in her elixer (from a box marked “Doppelganger”) and drinks it. This switches the women’s bodies. Pech is now the crumpled woman on the floor, while Adalind is awake and plotting. This only swaps the outward appearance; the woman on the floor is still the one with the fetus. Stefania calls “Adalind” and asks her to meet. She has figured out a way to get her powers back. “Adalind” meets with her, and Stefania lays out the plan. She eats up the details hungrily - then Stefania enacts the plan. One of her sons chokes “Adalind” and gets her to the ground, while Stefania cuts out her still-beating heart. The heart of a hexenbeist is necessary to restore Adalind’s powers. Back in her hotel room, Adalind returns to being Adalind, and wakes up, refreshed and pleased to see that all went according to plan.

Now zombies. Baron Samedi has unleashed a half-dozen zombies on Portland. These are 28 Days Later zombies: fast, violent, and not too different than someone on PCP. With a number of uniformed cops missing or on the injured list, Wu needs all the help on the streets he can get, so Nick joins him in trying to immobilize some of the wackos. One of them attacks, biting Wu’s ankle, then nose-diving out a window when she lunges at Nick and he ducks. A three-story fall does nothing to slow her down, and it takes three cops to finally take her down. On his way out, Nick is attacked by another zombie. This one he knocks out, handcuffs, and smuggles him away from the fray.

At the spice shop, Rosalee finds a potential cure for their trance disease, one that can only be administered when the victim is in the violent stage of zombification. Nick leaves Alan, the unconscious zombie, handcuffed in the spice shop. He wakes, violently, as Rosalee finishes up the serum. Monroe holds down Alan while Rosalee administers the cure with an almost comically-huge injector. This knocks Alan out again, but when he does wake, he is human.

Nick returns, with Juliette in tow. She insists on learning about Nick’s Grimm life, and Nick is in no position to argue. Alan remembers very little of his ordeal. He was the tow guy who answered Baron Samedi’s call, so he is able to ID him. He remembers lots of green before being sealed into darkness, and a horn of some kind. Nick remembers seeing lots of green shipping containers on the docks (which is where Baron had dumped his car). Nick, Juliette, Monroe, and Rosalee head down there with as many doses of antidote as Rosalee can make.

It quickly becomes apparent that this is a trap. As our foursome arrives, Baron is unleashing a crateful of zombies. They manage to give antidotes to two before another wave of zombies hit, and they run for safety.  Juliette, Monroe, and Rosalee hide in the car (which quickly becomes overrun with zombies, Dawn of the Dead-style). Nick separates from the group to go after Baron. The two men chase each other across shipping containers parkour-style, trade punches, even engage in a little light swordplay - all while Baron is cackling evilly. Nick chases Baron into one of the containers, where he finds a coffin. Inside is nothing but paperwork - the passport and official forms that were in Eric’s office, with Nick’s photo and a false name. Baron surprises him,  spits poison in his face, and puts him in the coffin. Eric arrives - it’s time to leave the country. Good thing Nick had asked Rosalee to hold onto his key earlier in the episode.

Dig It or Bury It?

Ah, the cliffhanger is back! Once upon a time, almost all TV seasons ended with a cliffhanger. The cliffhanger fell out of vogue a few years ago, replaced with stories that were tied up, but with questions to be addressed in the next season. But Grimm is bringing it back! Respect for the end tag: “To be continued... oh come on, you knew this was coming.” I laughed.