TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 302 - 'PTZD'


grimmGrimm Episode 302
Written By: Jim Kouf & David Greenwalt
Directed By: Eric Laneuville
Original Airdate: 1 November 2013

In This Episode...

The crew (Hank, Juliette, Rosalee, Monroe, and Renard) track Nick down to the farmhouse. The family is scared out of their minds, and the patriarch threatens to shoot the intruder. Renard and Hank placate him (slightly) and chase Nick out to the barn. Fighting ensues, with Monroe and Renard going Wesen in order to have a chance against Super Nick. It’s an all-out melee until the girls come in and administer the antidote. Nick goes down swinging - but he goes down. They hurry him back to the shop before more cops arrive.

At the shop, Nick gets a second dose of antidote, and they wait. Nick finally wakes, disoriented but otherwise okay. He has no memory of what happened, and the group tries to explain - delicately. Nick is disturbed by what he is told, but at least he didn’t kill anyone. Juliette takes him home to rest.

Unfortunately, one of the guys in the bar fight dies in the hospital. Renard gives the name of the prime suspect as Thomas Shirach. Hank hears about the death from Wu, and they return to the shop with Juliette, Monroe, and Rosalee. They decide that since Nick doesn’t remember anything, they will cover for him. As far as any of them are concerned, it wasn’t Nick who actually rampaged. There is no security footage from the bar because Renard stole it and trashed the office to make it look like it happened in the fight. They decide on the details of the story that will be their official statement, and decide not to tell Nick - at least not yet.

That night, Juliette is having a hard time sleeping, and she notices Nick has turned ashen and his breathing is shallow. She can’t find a pulse, and she can’t wake him - not even with a hard slap to the face. She calls 911 but Nick wakes up, as if nothing happened. He doesn’t understand why Juliette is so upset - he feels fine. She makes him promise to see a doctor. The next morning, the two detectives assigned to the bar fight murder question Rosalee, then go to Juliette. Nick lets the detectives in and they tell him they are just here to question Juliette about the death at the bar fight. The pieces fall into place and he retreats into the kitchen while Juliette gives her statement. When the cops are gone, Nick confronts Juliette and she tries to explain why they all decided to cover for him. Ever the boyscout, Nick insists he must turn himself in. Juliette makes some phone calls and Hank intercepts him outside the station. Then Renard pulls him into his office. He shows Nick the security footage, which shows a Nick that is clearly not our regular Nick. It also shows that the guy who later died was carrying a knife, so it could very easily be argued as self defense. Renard also reminds Nick that if he turns himself in, all of his friends will go down for conspiracy. Nick decides to keep his mouth shut - for now.

Over in Europe, Adalind is finishing her hexenbiest trials. She must stuff the dead flowers into Frau Pech’s stomach cavity, sew her up, and cut the thread with her teeth. Now they must wait. After a while the body starts to ooze a thick red goo. Adalind must fill a jar with the goo, then take it home and rub it all over her belly. She does, and it melts into a skull before disappearing without a trace.

Also: Renard calls Sebastian and has him “take care of” his brother. A car explosion kills Eric. With a show like this, you would be forgiven for thinking that Eric is not really dead. But producers Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt said, before the season premiered, “He’s got a new gig on Sleepy Hollow. I don’t think we will be seeing any more of Eric.” They did, however, suggest that we will see other Renards. After all, Sean gets a call from his mother, thanking him for taking care of Eric.

Dig It or Bury It?

I’m glad the zombie storyline is over. It was starting to wear a bit thin, and this episode was just one of those “wrap it up” episodes that they have to do. It was a little slow, but a necessary evil. 


We are back to a more procedural episode next week. The rivalry between bauerschwein and blutbaden gets more heated - and more gory. And apparently Nick shoots Monroe...?