TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 303 - 'A Dish Best Served Cold'


grimmGrimm Episode 103
“A Dish Best Served Cold”
Written By: Rob Wright
Directed By: Karen Gaviola
Original Airdate: 8 November 2013

In This Episode...

Hank and Nick are called in on an icky case: a guy named Ned Klosterman is found dead, in a tree. His stomach exploded and rained down, leaving a cartoonish hole through his torso. The next day, a second victim turns up. Exact same M.O., but this was a woman, with no known connection between the two victims. The only thing they can find is that both victims ate at a restaurant called the Raven and the Rose in the last couple of nights. Nick tells Juliette about the case, and it sounds to her like bloat, the gastrointestinal illness in which the intestines get tangled around the digestive track, most often seen in fish or dogs. 

Hank and Nick visit the restaurant, run by celebrity chef Ossler, an unapologetic tyrant who is also terrified of getting shut down. Nick sees him Wesen-out: he is a bauerschwein, a pig Wesen who have a long-standing feud with blutbaden. Nick doesn’t draw the connection until he is celebrating a surprise “going away” party at Monroe’s house. (Nick is moving back in with Juliette.) Monroe’s friend Sam has gone missing, according to his girlfriend Kimber, who calls looking for him. Sam had eaten at the Raven and the Rose last night - so had Monroe and Rosalee. 

After hearing the symptoms, it sounds familiar to Rosalee (naturally). It is the Black Despair Mushroom, a mushroom that is harmless when raw, but when cooked, it is poisonous to blutbaden - and only blutbaden. Monroe feels fine, and nothing he ate had mushrooms in it. Rosalee finally puts the last puzzle piece into place. Before the meal, every diner is given a beef and mushroom tartlet as an amuse bouche. Monroe didn’t eat his because he is a vegetarian; Rosalee didn’t get sick because she isn’t blutbaden. The chef and his crew have found a way to kill their mortal enemies, the blutbaden, without harming anyone else or getting caught. Monroe is seething with rage and threatens to kill every bauerschwein in the restaurant. Rosalee is scared that he will follow through.

Nick confronts the chef in the hopes that he will confess and turn himself in. Chef sneers at this outcome. As he leaves for the night, Monroe begins following him. Another blutbad comes out of the shadows... and another. Chef picks up the pace, then breaks out into a run. He ends up in an alley, surrounded by blutbaden, led by Monroe. Hank and Nick drive up to diffuse the situation. And by “diffuse” I mean he gets into a full-on brawl with Monroe. The men face-off, and Nick pulls his gun. One more step towards the chef, and Nick has to shoot. Monroe moves; Nick shoots. Monroe drops. The blutbaden start to howl, moving closer, and the chef becomes scared. He begs Nick to stop them, kill them before they kill him, but Nick can’t do that: he has no cause, and besides, he think “nature should take its course.” Of course, if the chef admitted to his crimes, he would be safe and protected in prison. The chef agrees to it. Oh, and Monroe? It was all a ruse. He is fine, and was in on the whole plan.

Not a whole lot happened on the Austria side of things. Sebastian can’t find Frau Pech, but he does find Adalind staying her hotel room. And Renard’s demeanor towards Nick has grown frosty - to put it mildly.

Dig It or Bury It?

I’ll admit it: I was fooled by the Monroe shooting for a few seconds. I thought it was real. But the resolution was a little weak. This bauerschwein actually chose prison over the threat of blutbaden? I mean, I assume he didn’t believe he could get away with it. I don’t know, it just felt like the chef gave in a little too easily - especially since he seems to be a narcissist.

I’m glad that the zombies thing is over. I liked it, but it was starting to wear on me. Now we are back to some kick-ass monster-of-the-week episodes. The bauerschwein weren’t particularly interesting, but I think next week might be....


About the first victim: “Ironically, he’s an organ donor. Though I’m not sure who would want what is left.”