TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 310 - 'Eyes of the Beholder'


grimmGrimm Episode 310
“Eyes of the Beholder”
Written By: Thomas Ian Griffith
Directed By: Peter Werner
Original Airdate: 10 January 2014

In This Episode…

High schooler Jared is flirting with Joy, his girlfriend and waitress at a diner on the “rough side of town.” Her boss is getting annoyed so Jared heads out to wait for Joy at her house. In the parking lot, he sees a patron and his girlfriend getting the shit beat out of them by three thugs. Terrified, Jared hops in his car (his sister’s car actually) and races from the scene. Having seen about a thousand episodes of Law & Order, this seems like your basic set up for a gangbanger story line.

The guy, Alonzo, is beaten to death and his girlfriend Mercedes is in critical condition when she is rushed to the ER. Nick and Hank catch the case (of course) and talk to Joy. Alonzo was a regular at the diner, and while Joy kept to herself, she knew he was not someone to mess with. (A good indicator is the $100 bill he leaves her for ta check that couldn’t be over $20.) Jared calls her and tells her he saw the whole thing - and is scared. She encourages him to keep quiet.

Alonzo is apparently a gang leader (though he looked like a pimp and has a girlfriend named Mercedes). Another patron saw Jared flee the scene and gives a description of his car. A red light camera captured his escape, but lists the car as being registered to a Tyler. Nick and Hank go check on the address the car is registered to, and Hank is surprised when Zuri, his physical therapist, opens the door. The car is hers - her real name is Tyler; Zuri is her middle name. Jared comes home from the grocery store and - like any good episode of Law & Order - when he sees the cops he drops his bags and runs. Nick catches him and cuffs him, and Zuri encourages him to “remain calm.”

At the station, Jared doesn’t want to talk. Neither he nor Zuri have a record, but their dad is serving life in prison for murder; mom is deceased. Jared finally admits he took his sister’s car to visit Joy, but insists he didn’t see anything. He is clearly terrified of gang reprisal. They next go to speak with Mercedes, who is violently opposed to speaking to the cops. She transforms into a yaguarate, but when she realizes Nick is a Grimm, she freaks out. Mercedes being wesen leads Nick to investigate the idea of wesen street gangs. Luckily, Rosalee went through a rough patch as a teen and used to buy her drugs off the North End gang, a yaguarate gang. They are rivals of a Seattle-based gang, 7th Street Savages.

The North Enders, the ones who did the beating, try to cover their tracks. They kidnap Joy and tell her they hope her boyfriend really loves her. A couple of the other thugs go hang out in Zri’s apartment building and try to attack her when she takes the garbage out. She is on the phone with Hank at the time (who is just checking in) so he mobilized the cops while Zuri and Jared run down the fire escape. The sirens scare the gangbangers away and Zuri and Jared are taken into protective custody.

Hank stays with the pair at the motel safehouse. He collects their phones but leaves his own unattended. When Jared finds it, he calls Joy and quickly learns she is being held hostage, so he sneaks out the bathroom window. When Hank finds the phone not where he left it, and Jared missing, it isn’t tough to figure out what happened and where Jared is.

Sure enough, by the time Hank and Nick get to Joy’s house, the gang has already tied up Jared beside Joy. His eyes glow - apparently it is supposed to be a surprise that he is wesen. He keeps his cool until the baseball bat comes out, then he shifts, breaks loose, and runs with Joy. While Nick and Hank bust inside, another gang member chases the kids through the yard. Zuri had been waiting in the car, but now she jumps out, shifts, and rips the throat out of the gang member. Hank and Nick find her in the compromising position, and she is surprised that Hank knows about wesen. Nick decides he will just say that they found the gang banger like this. Zuri is off the hook. Despite this knowledge, Zuri affirms that a romantic relationship won’t work between her and Hank. He accepts this.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead: Nick tells Juliette that Alicia is a wesen. She doesn’t believe it - they were roommates for three years, she thinks it would have come up. Nick makes her promise not to say anything, and double-promise that she won’t tell Alicia that he is a Grimm, for fear that she will go back to Joe. Juliette can only adhere to this for, like, an hour. When she confronts Alicia about it, she does so delicately, but awkwardly, and insists she is okay with it. Alicia plays dumb and thinks it is a tactic to get her out of the house. Juliette consults with Rosalee on the issue, and she tells her to give Alicia time - it is hard to come out, and make sure she knows your friendship comes first. The next day, Juliette admits to Nick that she confronted Alicia, but promises to just let things unfold naturally. But of course, she can’t, and within minutes of Alicia coming down for breakfast, she spills about Nick being a Grimm. This terrifies Alicia. She shifts and tries to run. Nick stops her at the front door and promises her he is the same Nick, that this changes nothing. Joe barges in suddenly, knocks out Nick, and attacks Alicia. Juliette jumps on him and beats him up fiercely. Joe reveals his wesen face, which does not shock Juliette, and the girls just start kicking him until Nick comes to and gets his gun on him. Joe goes human. “Oh god, a Grimm! Don’t kill me!” He is just a giant wuss in the face of a Grimm. Nick arrests Joe and Alicia thanks Juliette profusely. She wants to show her her wesen face, which Juliette insists is not necessary. But she does, and Juliette responds with a huge hug.

Dig It or Bury It?

I liked this episode, but I kind of wish that Zuri and Jared weren’t wesen. It seems like everyone in Portland is a wesen and frankly it is getting a little old. I guess it adds a more interesting dynamic between Zuri and Hank than just a regular human relationship. But let’s just, for once, introduce a human into the mix. Just one; let’s not go crazy. 


We get scorpions and Rosalee’s parents. Not necessarily in the same person.