TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 313 - 'Revelation'


Grimm Episode 313
Written By:  Jim Kauf and David Greenwalt
Directed By: Terrence O’Hara
Original Airdate: 28 February 2014

In This Episode…

We pick up exactly where we left off a few weeks ago: with Monroe’s parents fighting Nick. Monroe breaks the fight up, but they are pissed. Bart finds it unnatural; Alice doesn’t know her son anymore. They leave. Nick tries to apologize, but Monroe doesn’t want to hear it. He also doesn’t want to hear Nick begging for help on a case. After sulking for a bit, Monroe lets himself into the spice shop and apologizes to Rosalee. She doesn’t want to cause a rift between him and his parents for fear that he will regret it, and then he will regret her. Monroe insists that he doesn’t believe what they believe. They doze off, but Monroe wakes a few hours later, determined to take care of this. It is not even 6:30am, but he calls his mom and says he is coming over to say his goodbyes. They are waiting for him when he arrives. Monroe takes some blame, in a passive-aggressive way: I should have told you about Rosalee; Nick coming over was just bad timing. Bart insists that mixed marriages never work - there are reasons they stick to the rules. Then Bart accuses Monroe of being ashamed to be a blutbad. The two almost-volg, then Alice splits them up. “I love Rosalee and I am going to marry her. If that ruins the family, then that is how it is.” He leaves. Alice is hurt and wonders if they did the right thing.

After coming home from Monroe’s house, Nick fills Juliette in on what is happening, and tells her about the scalping murders. This gives Juliette nightmares, so she wakes up early and decides that if Monroe won’t help, she will, and does lots of research. When Nick is called out to a crime scene, Juliette goes to the spice shop to check on Rosalee. She mentions the scalpings, and Rosalee is concerned. Monroe comes in and starts to apologize for the way he treated Nick, but Rosalee tells him about the scalpings. He was right to come to Monroe with that.

At the most recent crime scene, it is more of the same: a sheriff deputy found scalped and torn apart at an illegal campground. A second car at the site suggests they are looking for two suspects.

Monroe’s parents are about to leave, but Alice changes her mind. She doesn’t want to leave things like she did with Monroe. Bart stubbornly decides he is leaving anyway. Alice doesn’t go to Monroe’s house, but to the spice shop. She tries to make amends with Rosalee, not by apologizing but telling her that she and Monroe have to decide what is right for them. She then suggests some kind of wesen ritual that apparently has both women volg out and sniff each other.

Monroe goes home and finds Bart sitting on his porch. He thought Alice would have come here. Monroe doesn’t have time for another “episode,” and isn’t interested in changing his mind. “The first time I met Nick, it didn’t go so well either. But you know what? We got to know each other and trust each other. We’ve saved each others’ lives.” He stands by his decision to help Nick and suggests dad leaves before he arrives. Too late. Bart backs out of the house slowly - but they hear him howling outside. That can’t be good. Monroe fills in Nick on what the scalpers mean: they are wildesheer, fierce warriors whose arrival signal something much worse on the horizon. If they are in Portland, they are undoubtedly hunting Nick. The men head out to the trailer to check for ways to kill the wildesheer and arm themselves. Bart watches from beyond the treeline.

At the trailer, Monroe and Nick arm themselves and discuss where they should go to lure the wildesheer. But it is too late: they hear the wind rustlin outside, signaling the wildesheers have found them. They go outside and fight mightily, but don’t seem to be making a dent. Then a third wildesheer shows up. But Bart also shows and throws himself on the third beast. This emboldens Monroe and Nick to keep fighting. Nick follows up on a hunch that one of his ancestors made in his notebooks: scalp the scalpers. He does so, and it kills the wildesheer immediately. Bart admits when he heart what Monroe was going up against, he couldn’t just let him fight alone - though he never thought he would fight on the same side as a Grimm. His grandpa always said that if these guys came back, something bad was going to happen - bad enough that it would change the world.

Meanwhile, in Vienna, Stefania gives Victor an update on Adalind and the baby. It could be any day now, but Victor doesn’t want to wait, and arranges the verrat to go pick her up. Sebastian warns Renard, who instructs him to take Meisner and go to Adalind. He then calls her and warns her that Stefania is working with Victor, and he is pretty sure that her baby is his. She doesn’t know why she should trust him, but she does have to pick a side. Meisner arrives and tells her to pack, while Sebastian keeps watch downstairs. He calls to give them warning, and Meisner hops in bed, making it look like he and Adalind are lovers. The verrat enter, insistent that Adalind  go with them. Meisner shoots one through the comforter, and a pen floats telekinetically across the room, impaling the other verrat in the eye. Adalind is pretty sure the baby did that, because she sure didn’t, but not time to reflect on that now; they’ve got to get out of there. They meet up with Sebastian, who drives them to the middle of nowhere. Then Meisner and Adalind get out and walk through the forest until they come upon an abandoned cabin that had been in his family for decades. This is where they are going to hide out until she gives birth.

…which will be next week, as Adalind goes into labor at the end of tonight’s episode.

Dig It or Bury It?

I might be getting a little bored of Grimm. I feel like every episode is the same. There is a strange killer on the loose, certainly a wesen, Monroe gets really alarmed by what the wesen is, they research it, then go kill it. There are little hints of royal drama scattered throughout, but I just really want to focus on the friggin’ history already. I complain about this a lot, but how long can we drag out this royal conspiracy stuff? Three seasons, apparently.


Adalind gives birth, and gets her powers back.