TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 315 - 'Once We Were Gods'


Grimm Episode 315
“Once We Were Gods”
Written By: Alan DiFiore
Directed By: Steven Depaul
Original Airdate: 14 March 2014

In This Episode…

A construction team makes a strange discovery when they knock down a wall that hides a room that shouldn’t exist. In that room is an enormous sarcophagus shaped like the god Anubis. Dr. Vera Gates, from the nearby university, takes possession of the sarcophagus, a very important find in archeology circles. It’s a big enough deal that the local news does a story on it, and a couple douchebags take notice. That night, they break into the lab with the intention of taking the sarcophagus (or at least the mummy inside).  A security guard catches them, and one of the douchebags volgs into an anubis himself. Another guard comes in, and it ends with anubis-douche dead, one of the guards dead, the other guard in serious condition, and the second douche on the run.

When Nick and Hank arrive to investigate, they discover hieroglyphics spray painted on the wall that say “I protect the dead.” Dr. Gates informs the detectives that this is often seen as a curse. The surviving guard said that his attacker must have been wearing a mask because he looked like Anubis. They open the sarcophagus and discover the mummy is still inside, but it doesn’t look like a typical mummy. Gates won’t know until they investigate, but she suspects it was due to some kind of human deformity, or perhaps it is a religious icon. 

It is easy enough to track down the surviving douchebag. He is Karl Hermann and is on a number of terrorist watch lists because he has been violently active in movements to get historical artifacts off display so that the dead can find peace. Nick next checks in with Monroe, who confirms that the mummy could very well be an anubis. An anubis. Anubises (anubi?) are wesen, and they are not extinct. Nick is still operating on the idea that the mummy “woke up” and killed everyone, but Rosalee assures him that wesen are like humans: once they are dead, they’re dead. But then they see the hieroglyphics and decide that Karl is part of the Beati Paoli, a vendetta society created in the 17th century to protect wesen culture. Every young, idealistic wesen wants to join the Beati Paoli. While Monroe and Rosalee don’t necessarily approve of the group’s tactics, they do think it would be a horrible sacrilege for the mummy to be on display. After the humans leave, Monroe suggests they call the council. Rosalee wants to stay out of it. Of course, that is easier said than done when the council shows up on their doorstep. Alexander wants to talk to the Grimm.

The Grimm is busy warning Dr. Gates that whoever broke in before was going to try again. Gates doesn’t care; she has already hired extra security because she is too wrapped up in her research. So when Nick gets the call from Monroe, he agrees to meet Alexander at Monroe’s house. Turns out that the council wants Nick to kill Karl. The council remains neutral on the Beati Paoli, but killing someone means Karl has gone too far. Nick isn’t going to do the council’s bidding; but as a cop, he is going to stop Karl. Alexander doesn’t push the matter - he has a plane to catch. Monroe and Rosalee are weirded out. Nick is too, but he does something about it: has Hank call over to the rental car company. Turns out Alexander has been in town for several days, and hasn’t left yet. They put out an APB for the rental car then return to protecting Dr. Gates.

They are a wee bit too late - Karl has Gates at knifepoint at her home and makes her call in to get rid of her extra security. By the time Hank and Nick get there, Gates is gone. They have gone to lab. The regular security guard has gone to let in Nick and Hank. Karl is in the middle of his “it’s a sacrilege” speech when Nick bursts in. Karl shifts into an anubis and the guys fight. Hank appears, gun in hand, and Karl shifts back to human. He is arrested without further incident. Gates had gotten knocked out in the struggle, but when she wakes she could swear Karl turned into an anubis. She dismisses it, chalks it up to stress and fear. I think a rash of monster sightings is about to get underway in Portland.

With Karl in custody, Nick goes back to check on the mummy - and discovers it is gone. Alexander has been parked behind the university, and he and Hank catch him putting the mummy in the trunk of his rental car. Nick stops him, calls him a thief and a liar. Alexander agrees to a compromise: they have a wesen funeral for the mummy (basically burning it on a pyre in the woods).

Meanwhile, in Vienna, Victor and his team of thugs have abducted Sebastian and are trying to beat information out of him. He finally spills and shows them where he dropped off Adalind and Meisner. From there, Victor and his men will have to go on foot and find the cabin. Renard is worried that he hasn’t been able to get in touch with Sebastian, so he calls Meisner to warn them. He, Adalind, and the baby escape the cabin shortly ahead of Victor’s arrival. If they can make it to Zurich Renard will have travel to the States arranged for them.

Also: Wu has kept his spirits up, but he is still suffering from night terrors and can’t reconcile the events of that fateful evening. Juliette pays him a visit and tells him about what happened to her after her coma: how she was seeing - or thought she was seeing - ghosts. They seemed very real and they terrified her. She realized that, in order to move past it, she had to choose not to be afraid. It didn’t matter if the visions were real or not - it was the fear that was holding her back. So Wu decides not to let his fear control him, and by the episode's end, he is discharged from the hospital.

Dig It or Bury It?

I really dug this episode. Even if it wasn’t exactly about a mummy stumbling around killing people, it still has that old-school feel to it. What I don’t understand is why it would be a “sacrilege” to learn about a person or creature from an ancient time? Why is science and knowledge so unacceptable? Isn’t it more useful to learn from things that are otherwise useless now? I know that when I die, I want every single scrap of me donated: organs, skin, bones, whatever they can take. I do not understand the idea of a dead body wasting space in the ground. Maybe it is because I am not religious. 

But I digress. I am totally fascinated by Wu’s journey now. While Juliette’s advice is great, it certainly is one of those “easier said than done” things. This is going to fuck up Wu for a long, long time.

Big Bad…

…anubis. Back in ancient times, many wesen were worshipped as gods, especially in Egypt. The pharaohs believed that if they were buried with a wesen when they died, they too could become gods. So the pharaohs would beat thousands of slaves in the hopes of exposing the wesen, but they only managed to find a few.


The wesen circus comes to town! Carnivals are freaky pits of terror, so throw some real monsters into the mix… boom. Plus, Nick’s mom is back in the picture - and she wants Nick to hide Adalind and the baby.