TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 317 - 'Synchronicity'


Grimm Episode 317
Written By: Michael Golamco and Michael Dugan
Directed By: David Solomon
Original Airdate: 4 April 2014

In This Episode…

Meisner and Adalind reach the final stage of their epic trek across the European wilderness. They have arrived at a meeting spot in the forest, and Meisner goes to see if it is safe. It is not. He battles two verrat while two more abduct Adalind and the baby at gunpoint. They take her to their getaway van and discover the drivers dead. A black cloaked figure kills the two with guns on Adalind. It is Kelly, Nick’s mom. Neither Meisner nor Adalind know who she is, but she saved their lives - Meisner deems her trustworthy. Adalind, Kelly and the baby get on the cargo plane, while Meisner checks in with Renard, who also didn’t know who the contact was - he is surprised to hear it is a woman.

The flight was supposed to take Adalind to Brazil, but the appearance of the verrat makes Kelly untrusting of everyone involved in the rescue mission. She changes the flight path and offers to hold the baby while Adalind gets some rest. “We’re on an airplane. Where could I go with her?” Adalind agrees, and Kelly dangles a locket for the baby to play with. Its eyes glow purple and the necklace freezes at an odd angle. The airplane controls go crazy for a second, then everything returns to normal. The locket holds a picture of young Nick. She flashes back to the night she sent Nick off with Aunt Marie. Kelly doesn’t think it is a good idea, but Marie says they don’t have time for a better one.

The plane lands in an empty field, and they are greeted by an angry landowner who vows to call the police. Kelly does the only sane thing: knocks the man out and takes his truck. The truck has Oregon license plates. After a bit, Adalind recognizes where they are: they are going to Portland. “I know you are taking me to Sean Renard,” Adalind accuses. Kelly doesn’t know who Renard is, but assures her she is taking her someplace safe.

While putting away laundry, Nick finds Juliette’s engagement ring in his sock drawer. With all the wedding talk lately, he is considering proposing again. “When the time is right, we both know where it is,” Juliette assures him. Well, Nick decides the time is right. Juliette calls him down for dinner, and he pockets the ring. He is cutely nervous as he prepares his proposal, but of course, they are interrupted by a knock at the door. (Juliette knew what was coming anyway.) Nick and Juliette are both surprised to see Kelly at the door, but they are flat-out shocked when they discover Adalind is with her. Both she and Nick are on the offensive, but Kelly moves between them. “You are safe here! This is my son!”

There is chaotic yelling. Nick and Juliette don’t want Adalind there; Adalind worries that they will kill her. Only Kelly wants this to work out, and she quickly explains why. Nick and Juliette aren’t feeling any more generous or welcoming, but the baby throws a hexenbiest temper tantrum and Juliette realizes it is cold, wet, and hungry. She begrudgingly takes the two of them upstairs to warm up the baby - while assuring Nick she doesn’t trust her. 

Nick has a slightly more productive conversation when it is just he and his mom. Kelly forgot about the fact that she killed Adalind’s mom, and swears that if she knew who she was helping, she never would have agreed to it. But she is worried - the baby is only a few days old and already its powers are showing. Nick is surprised and informs his mother that he took Adalind’s powers away. “She must have gotten them back,” Kelly says. “That is why her baby is so special. The child has an extraordinary destiny,” which apparently will be decided depending on how it is raised. Juliette returns, convinced that it is no accident Adalind has returned to Portland. Nick wants them to go to the resistance, but Kelly doesn’t want that to happen. The baby can’t belong to the royals or the resistance. It needs to have a normal childhood. Apparently the only way that can happen is if the baby and the baby-mama stay with the Grimm until she can figure out what to do with them. Just then, there is another temper tantrum, and the trio run upstairs. Adalind is gone; the window is open; and the baby is alone on the bed. Juliette scoops it up but turns around and suddenly realizes she is holding a pillow. “I told you, that baby is powerful.” 

Kelly and Nick head out to find the pair, and she mentions Renard, assuming that is where they are going. Nick informs her that is his captain. “This just gets better and better,” she grumbles. Nick fills her in on the strange relationship he has with Renard, finishing by saying he doesn’t trust him; he just likes knowing what he is up to. They arrive at Renard’s building, and argue about the tactics. Nick wins, with his “let’s talk this out” theory - and heads into the building.

Adalind is already at Renard’s apartment, introducing him to his daughter.

Also: Nick is nervous about being a Grimm at a wesen wedding. He tells Monroe he doesn’t think it is a good idea, but he and Rosalee have a great idea: sunglasses! They then explain that, when a wesen shifts, a Grimm’s eyes turn black - well, more of an infinite darkness in which they see their wesen form. But with sunglasses on, all seems safe. Nick is still nervous, but agrees to give it a go.

Dig It or Bury It?

How did we get to the end of season three without knowing how wesen spotted a Grimm? There was a vague reference early on, something about how when a wesen shifts and a Grimm doesn’t bat an eye, they know. But clearly that is a crap explanation. I like this version better. 

I liked that this episode didn’t have a procedural element to it. There is so much rich lore that the procedural stories tend to weigh the story down. Hell, it even surprised Monroe when Nick came to him with the wedding problem. He assumed it would be a case.


Victor and his team have figured out that Adalind is now in Portland and they are on their way. Nick begrudgingly decides that they need to work together.