TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 102 - 'Where There's a Will, There's a Fae'


Lost Girl Episode 102

"Where There's a Will, There's a Fae"

Written By: Peter Mohan

Directed By: Robert Lieberman

Original Airdate: 23 January 2012

In This Episode...

Bo and Kenzi are greeted by a fat slob of a man, Will. He is a light fae who farts green flames when he is anxious or upset. Someone stole his treasure and because Bo is an unaffiliated fae, he trusts her to get it back for him. In return he offers some info about her heritage.

The thief, Michael Connell, lives in a trailer park, so the girls check there first. They find no Connell, no gems, but a booby-trapped door that injures Bo's hand, and an angry neighbor with a shotgun. Bo seduces her way out of there and goes to a gem dealer whose ad was circled in the phone book (apparently Canadians still use phone books). The gem dealer gives up the meet info to Bo begrudgingly. 

Bo finds Connell at a motel. He was expecting her, and explains: Connell is Will's son. His mother, a human, was following the green fires in the forest one night, found Will, and spent an evening of passion with him. In the harsh light of morning, Will is gone, the woman is pregnant, and no one believes her story. She died with everyone thinking she was crazy. Connell doesn't care about the treasure; he just wants to know his only remaining parent. Luckily Kenzi is keeping watch outside, for an enormous man in a black coat approaches the motel room, removes his head, and enters. Bo kills him.

Will is thrilled to find out he has a son, and agrees to a meet at the storage facility where Connell has been storing the gems. Bo and Connell arrive first, and Connell decides that he does want the gems after all, as well as a public acknowledgement that his mother was telling the truth. He changes his tune pretty fast when another headless man shows up and Bo and Kenzi work together to save them all.

Also: Lauren gives Bo an injection that will help decrease her hunger but it will also inhibit her ability to heal instantaneously. Bo and Dyson hook up for a "meal" and a roll in the hay. All Will can tell Bo about her birth is that he saw a midwife running through the forest, clutching baby Bo, worried that she would be hurt.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was odd because I didn't dislike it... I just couldn't pinpoint anything I actually liked. No wait, not true - I love the headless dude. But Will was an unlikeable character and the resolution almost felt like an afterthought. The treasure graphic was the worst graphic ever. When Connell opened the little treasure chest, it reminded me of a cross between the Pulp Fiction briefcase and something Scrooge McDuck would have in Duck Tales. It other words, it looked cheap and cartoony. 

Fae Tales

We learn a lot about fae lore in this episode. For starters, you only get fae powers if both your parents are fae. If one is human, you are essentially human. 

We meet Trick, the owner of The Dell, a fae bar where light and dark can mingle in a neutral setting. It's kind of like Dalaran in World of Warcraft. Trick says that the light and dark fae have been on the edge of war for a thousand years, and if that war were to take place, it would mean the end of the faes and the humans.

The Fae of the Species

Will is supposed to be a version of the will-o'-the-wisp, an orb of light that appears most often in bogs and swamps. He appears in a variety of different folklore, but most often is a malevolent creature. In Lost Girl, Will seems to be closer to a leprechaun - after all, he does have a chest o' gold.

We also learn about Geminis, who can duplicate themselves. And apparently the Gemini that Hale is dating has a twin, who can also split herself. So that's four hotties all in one date.

Finally, the big headless guy is a Doulahan, a mercenary fae. They like to remove their heads to instill fear in their victims.


In the final showdown in the storage unit, the Doulahan, naturally, removes his head to appear more menacing. Kenzi grabs the head and holds it threateningly over a bonfire. The Doulahan freezes, fearful. Kenzi drops the head into the flames, and the body drops dead.


The girls go undercover at a university, and a new breed of fae is discovered.