TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 103 - 'Sorority' aka 'Oh Kappa My Kappa'


Lost Girl Episode 103

"Sorority" aka "Oh Kappa My Kappa"

Written By: Michelle Lovretta

Directed By: Paul Fox

Original Airdate: 30 January 2012

In This Episode...

Kenzi has started "Bo's Private Investigation Service," with "10 years experience, police references," and specializing in the paranormal. Their first case is for a mother whose daughter Gina, an 18-year-old college student, has gone missing. She was a good kid who was excited to pledge a sorority that week, so when she didn't call home for mom's birthday, she got worried.

Bo goes undercover as a security guard on the campus, while Kenzi faces her worst nightmare: going undercover in the sorority Gina was pledging. This includes pink sweater sets, a blonde wig, and a constant, vacant grin on her face. Bo is concerned when her supervisor, Wayne, tears down a "missing" poster. She goes to the dean, and gets the same runaround from her, immediately making her a suspect. Bo seduces the dean into telling her a drunken frat boy claimed he saw Gina running into the woods, so that is where Bo looks. She finds a massive sinkhole with Gina's necklace laying on the edge. Kenzi recognizes the dean's photo at the Kappa house - she used to be a member, so the girls turn their focus there.

On some old university blueprints, Bo discovers a system of caves beneath the school that connect, among other locations, the dean's building and the Kappa house to the sinkhole in the woods. She and Kenzi plan to each take an end and meet up in the middle. Before Bo can do that, she is knocked unconscious and dragged into the woods - by Wayne. Bo wakes in one of these dank underground caves, chained up beside a glowing green pool. Gina is on the other side of the cavern, and Wayne is hanging out laughing at them. He explains that he delivers girls to his "master" in exchange for a sip of the vitality juice that keeps him looking just as he did in 1942 when he first discovered the cage. He cannot stay for the feast, for he has to go clean up after his previous victim, the dean, whom he had inexplicably stabbed through the neck. With Wayne gone, Bo slips out of her chains and fights off the sludge monster that has climbed out of the pool and is trying to eat Gina. Dyson, having picked up Bo's "scent," comes in with Kenzi in tow. He knocks the top of the monster's head off like the lid of a teapot, and green goo oozes from his corpse.

Also: Trick sees Dyson and Bo getting too close, too fast, and warns Dyson about falling for an unaligned fae. Dyson heeds his words and tells Bo plainly that they can always share a bed when she needs to be healed, but that is all it ever will be. Bo is crushed - she had really fallen for him.

Dig It or Bury It?

I felt like there were a lot of little details that were introduced, but not taken advantage of. For example, Bo finds a list of student ID numbers hidden beneath the dean's desk, but we never find out what is significant about them. One of Kenzi's sorority sisters is immediately suspicious of her, but she has a total of about 87 seconds of screen time and nothing comes of it. Maybe the show had to be cut down to fit into the American programming grid. Also, I wish that they had played up the desiccated husk angle more. When Bo goes to Dyson for help, looking for strange goings-on at the university, Dyson has only one case from 10 years ago: a student turns up hollow, like her insides have literally been sucked out. But the beastie never gets a chance - he doesn't even have any shells laying about his lair. Plus, the climax of the episode was quick and kind of dull. In general, this episode felt lazy. 

Fae Tales

The swampy creature who appears for all of two minutes of tonight's episode is (appropriately enough) called a Kappa, a Japanese fae. According to Wayne, Kappa likes his girls young, scared, and a little dehydrated. "It's easier for him to get at the good stuff." The good stuff apparently being green life force that Kappa swims in and Wayne drinks to stave off aging.

We also learn what kind of fae Dyson is. Bo asks him point-blank, but he won't share - apparently that is the most intimate, personal question you can ask a fae. But when he and Kenzi are trying to track down the missing Bo, he has no choice but to reveal himself: he is a werewolf. I guess in this world, all supernatural creatures are considered fae.

Spritely Humor

Bo gets annoyed with Kenzi for lying on the promotional flyers she printed up. "In my defense, the truth is for pussies." Kenzi also calls the sorority girls the "Muffy mafia."


Things get extra-kinky when Bo becomes entangled with a fae couple.