TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 104 - 'Faetal Attraction'


Lost Girl Episode 104

"Faetal Attraction"

Written By: Jeremy Boxen

Directed By: Steve DiMarco

Original Airdate: 6 December 2012

In This Episode...

Bo is devastated after seeing Dyson with the bar skank. She thinks she is sick; Kenzie realizes she has never been rejected before. She insists that Bo drown her sorrows in a shot glass, and before long they are both drunk. A man named Samir approaches Bo and invites her into a threesome with his wife Olivia. Bo is flattered but sobers up enough to nervously turn him down. Then Dyson shows up, and Bo makes a big deal of leaving with the couple.

The three have sex that literally shakes the plaster from the walls. In the morning, Bo is alone and blissfully happy, glad Kenzi talked her into the one-night stand. It wasn't that one-night though, for Olivia shows up in the morning. She wants to hire Bo to kill a human named Jenny, whom Samir had a one night stand with outside of the marriage. Olivia could have dealt with a one night stand, but Samir and Jenny seem to be engaged in an actual relationship. Bo refuses, and Olivia storms out, determined to take care of it herself. So Bo and Kenzi feel they must protect Jenny from Olivia's wrath.

Olivia is waiting for Jenny when she gets home - but so is Bo. The two fae fight, and Bo uses the reflection of the toaster to shoot Olivia's magic right back at her. With Olivia incapacitated, she and Jenny escape and take shelter at Bo's house. Bo then goes to Samir to ask him to placate Olivia. She arrives as sees a manic, blood-covered Olivia rushing from the house. Samir has been decapitated. Bo informs Jenny, and to calm the girl down, Bo uses her seductive touch in lieu of Xanax. Olivia takes shelter at her sisters's house. Dyson and Hale catch the case before it hits the police blotter. They collect Olivia and take her to the clinic. Lauren can't save her from her own madness, and Olivia dies.

Bo's seduction is a little too effective, and Jenny is obsessed with Bo. Kenzi tries to talk her out of it, but it is of no use - turns out Jenny is bat-shit crazy. Kenzi found a bloody chainsaw and Samir's head in Jenny's duffel bag. Jenny knocks Kenzi unconscious and takes her out to a farm, leaving Bo Samir's head and a note on where to find them. At the farm house, Jenny reveals her cabinet of horrors - the bare skulls of a half-dozen people who didn't love her as much as she loved them. Her plan is to blow up the farmhouse so that she and Bo could be together forever. Bo plays along with Jenny's delusion in order to gain her trust, but the unexpected visit by Olivia's two vengeful sisters puts a damper on things. Bo frees herself by spraying her attacker in the eyes with bug spray. She grabs Kenzi and drags her out while the sisters are comforting each other. Jenny, incapacitated but still mobile, goes for the detonator and blows the farmhouse up. Kenzi and Bo make it to the safety of Dyson's car.

Also: Dyson and Bo decide to friends with benefits. Dyson is forced by his captain to see a shrink after he dislocates the arm of a kid he arrested.

Dig It or Bury It?

I really liked this episode. There was sex, there was blood, and there wasn't too much cheese-factor. Plus, I think this episode used "shit" more times than any basic cable show since South Park first broke the "shit" barrier. I also appreciate the fluidity of sexuality in Lost Girl. Much like True Blood, sexual preference isn't an issue in Lost Girl, though the latter does a much better job at presenting bisexuality as normal and natural.

A couple nit-picky things. I don't know why they felt the need to open the episode with the explosion. It was like 15 seconds of explosion, then smash cut to the morning after Bo sees Dyson hooking up with the bar slut. We didn't even get a "Three Days Earlier" card. And the skull that Dyson picks up after the explosion is the worst prop ever. I swear I could see the seams in the plastic skull.

Ass Factor

Bo was the meat in a fae sandwich. It was pretty hot, and you totally saw nipple - a rarity on basic cable.

Fae Tales

Olivia and her sisters are furies, full of rage and hellbent on vengeance. Staring into someone's eyes would essentially cook their brains and turn them into a raving loon.

We also learn that Hale is a siren. He lures a crazy Olivia out of hiding with a soft whistle that appears as a creepy red mist. All it is missing is for the mist to form into a hand and beckon the victim forward.


Samir is decapitated. You don't get to see it, but later on his head is used as a teddy bear by Jenny and a soccer ball by Bo.


Bo is hired by a dark fae. Her payment is a revelation about her past.