TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 105 - 'Dead Lucky'


Lost Girl Episode 105

"Dead Lucky"

Written By: Emily Andras

Directed By: John Fawcett

Original Airdate: 13 February 2012

In This Episode...

On her way to meet Kenzi and a potential client (a woman who believes her cat is possessed and trying to kill her), Bo is kidnapped by a trio of thugs. They bring her to a Chinese restaurant, which is a front for a luck fae named Meyer, who doubles as a bookie. One of his regulars, Roger, was out of luck, yet he won over $200,000 - enough to put Meyer out of business. He wants Bo to investigate because, as an unaligned fae, she can go places where Meyer, a dark fae, cannot. Bo only agrees when Meyer offers, as payment, a free session with his niece, Cassie, who is an oracle and can tell Bo about her parents.

Bo and Kenzi first head to Roger's house, only to find that he is dead. He died two days ago, which would have made him undead when he placed the bet with Meyer. Trick tells Bo about Hsien, fae that can take over recently deceased human bodies. Dyson knows one of these fae, Eddie, a light fae, so they visit him at the morgue where he works. He heard that Lucas, a dark Hsien, is in town. If they find his body, then they can find the Hsien. Meyer tells Bo about a backroom poker game, led by a guy named Jasper who has had it out for him, so she and Kenzi pay him a visit. I'm still not 100% clear on what they were hoping to achieve by going to the poker game, other than an excuse for Bo to get attacked by another fae and need more sex from Dyson.

Eddie makes a panicked call to Dyson, so he and Bo pay him a visit. It is pretty obvious that Eddie is not Eddie - Lucas has killed him and taken over his body. Dyson gets locked in a biohazard room, so Bo has to deal with Lucas on her own. She does okay until Lucas jumps into a giant wrestler's body, and he pins her down with little effort. Dyson hears her frantic screams and summons all his wolfy power to break out of the room and hold a gun to Lucas's head. The three of them head back to Meyer, where Lucas reveals that he was hired by Meyer's nephew, Seymour, to ruin his uncle's business.

With the case solved, Bo sits down for her session with Cassie. It only lasts a few minutes, as the visions are so intense Cassie's nose bleeds and she vomits after. But she is able to tell Bo that her mother is alive and has been looking for her since the day Bo was taken from her.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode felt really short on content, so the writers had to throw in a lot of time-wasting crap to fill the time. Kenzi's meeting with the crazy cat lady, for example, or the trip to the backroom poker game. The basic plot wasn't interesting to begin with, so all the other stuff was just added noise. Then there were just little things that were annoying. Like Bo was shocked that a fae could also be a bookie, and the "I love you but have to pretend I don't" bullshit between Bo and Dyson. Then there was the general insanity that was the oracle. I don't think I have ever wanted to beat up a fictional character more than that oracle. The ending was unsatisfying - no one was punished. There was no action. This was just a weak-ass episode.

Fae Tales

We meet a number of fae tonight. First is Meyer, the luck fae. He eats the luck off of humans. He does this, apparently, by brushing their shoulder and picking up a green aura. It's very odd.

Next is the Hsien, or body-jumper. These fae can possess the bodies of the recently dead, but don't have much time in each body - once the host body begins to decay, the Hsien has to get back to its own body or it will die along with the host shell.

Finally is Hrimthurs, or a frost giant. This is the guy that nearly kills Bo at the poker game. He has giant icicle fingers that stab into his victims in order to freeze them from the inside out.

Spritely Humor

This episode was weak on the funny, but somewhat amusing was Kenzi telling Dyson early on in the episode that she was "no longer on Team Dyson" because she felt he was dicking Bo around (and not just in the way he was actually dicking her around). Towards the end, she seems to be softening towards him, and he asks if she was back on Team Dyson. "You wish," Kenzi snorts. "C'mon!" Dyson cajoles. "We're getting t-shirts!"


Kenzi becomes very ill with a fae-disease, and the whole community works to make her well.