TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 106 - 'Food For Thought'


Lost Girl Episode 106

"Food For Thought"

Written By: Pamela Pinch

Directed By: John Fawcett

Original Airdate: 20 February 2012

In This Episode...

Bo and Lauren go out for a "succubus midterm" (aka - a date) where Bo is supposed to test her training and feed without killing. Bo ends up chickening out and the two down tequila shooters all night. Later, they go back to Lauren's office, Kenzi in tow, then accompany Lauren on a house call. A fae named Halima has taken ill, and Lauren suspects it is something she ate. Halima is a carrion eater, and normally she has a hearty constitution. While Kenzi is waiting for Lauren and Bo to tend to the sick woman, she helps herself to a bowl of foot stew that is boiling on the stove. When Kenzi later falls sick with the same bleeding eyes as Halima, it confirms Lauren's suspicions that the soup is to blame.

While Lauren runs tests on the foot (and finds a strange chemical compound she has never seen before), Bo enlists Dyson to help her find out what the foot guy was up to. While looking around foot guy's apartment, Bo is attacked by a biker guy who is cleaning the place out. She and Dyson later track the thug down to a biker encampment and beat him up until he spills: he was hired by Baron Chemicals to clear out foot guy's apartment.

Kenzi is fading fast. Bo convinces Lauren to infiltrate Baron with her. Lauren plays an outside quality control specialist while Bo is the president's sexy assistant. They wait until after hours, then sneak into Sector 6, the highest security sector of the company. The only thing in Sector 6 is a large, glowing aquarium filled with cloudy water. Lauren identifies the scaly, barbed, serpentine creature as a basilisk, a very rare underling creature with highly toxic scales. Bo helps Lauren obtain a sample of the creature, then they remove it from life support and beat a hasty retreat. Lauren creates an antidote and Kenzi is well on her way back to health.

Also: Bo has proven that she can control her powers, and she and Dyson have a terse "I can see other people now" conversation. Trick goes out of his way to care of Kenzi. And Kenzi tells Dyson she knows he has feelings for Bo.

Dig It or Bury It?

I don't care for Lauren. She is too straight-laced, too timid, too boring. Now that Bo has her powers under control, ask her out on a real date. You are not fooling anyone with this "succubus midterm" garbage. I don't know which was worse: the Lauren-heavy plot, or the "OMG we are racing against the clock to save a friend" story that is almost always terrible no matter what show it is on. This episode was relying on the audience's concern for Kenzi to create the tension, but it failed. Few shows kill off main characters - and Lost Girl isn't one of them. There was no other moment of danger. In general, tonight's episode was clunky, rote, and charmless. 

Fae Tales

Halima is an aswang. Besides having a hilarious name, aswangs are carrion eaters. They would never kill a human, but instead dine of the flesh of the already deceased. Aswangs have a hearty constitution and can eat even diseased flesh. Halima has eaten humans riddled with "cancer, ebola, and the Black Death" and never suffered anything worse than heartburn.

Spritely Humor

Kenzi was sick for most of the episode, so the best we got out of her was, after she discovered she ate foot stew (but before she got sick) she says, "Best case scenario: I am a toe-sucking cannibal."


An evil spider (is that redundant?) bites Kenzi, making them BFFs - and turning her and Bo against each other.