TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 108 - 'Vexed'


Lost Girl Episode 108


Written By: Michelle Lovretta

Directed By: John Fawcett

Original Airdate: 5 March 2012

In This Episode...

Bo makes a deal with a vampire named Ziegler: she brings him a duffel bag full of blood, and he will give her info on her mother. That info is nothing more than a news clipping on a woman named Lou Ann who is about to be executed for drowning her three stepchildren. Lou Ann is not Bo's mother, but Bo must visit her anyway. Upon arriving at the prison, Bo realizes Lou Ann is dark fae, but Lou Ann won't speak to Bo.

Bo goes back to Ziegler for more info, but find that Ziegler's apartment is a crime scene. He has been killed by Vex, a dark fae. Dyson is handling the crime scene, and he is pissed that Bo is there. Bo promises that she will leave the Lou Ann situation alone if there is nothing mom-related in the police file. In perusing the files, Bo discovers that the kids showed no defensive wounds, and neither did Ziegler, which must mean that the same invisible hand killed both (I have no idea how they got there, but whatever). When Bo finds out that Lou Ann was set up by the dark fae for falling in love with a human (and thereby turning her back on the fae), she pledges revenge any way she can.

This alarms pretty much everyone in the fae world. Vex sends a morragh to kill Bo, but it fails. Bo calls in her blood debt from the luck fae and he tells her where she can find Vex. Trick gives her a wicked weapon that will injure any fae while keeping her safe from corruption. The Ash sends Lauren to keep Bo occupied while he tries to solve things between light and dark politically. Of course, Lauren's way of occupying Bo is by sleeping with her. When Bo realizes this, she is furious and even more hellbent on revenge. Lauren goes to Dyson for help. If Bo kills Vex, she will start a war between the light and the dark. Dyson, despite making it painfully clear that he won't help Bo anymore (be it professionally or sexually), Dyson goes running and stops Bo from killing Vex. He lets Vex go free, which enrages Bo. Dyson finally admits that if she kills Vex, she will be assassinated, and he cares for her.

In the final shot of the episode, Lou Ann climbs out of her body bag, very much alive after her execution. Trick is waiting for her: "We need to talk."

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a funny episode... but I don't think it was meant to be. Ziegler was like a gayer version of The Count from Sesame Street. Vex was every bad goth-kid stereotype. He looked like a grown-up who never grew out of his pre-teen Lost Boys phase. Normally with shows like this, I can look past impossibilities, but this episode had plot holes so big you could fly a jet through them. Lauren just gets more and more unappealing and miserable with each passing episode. The sex scene between her and Bo was probably the least-sexy girl-on-girl action I have ever seen.

Fae Tales

The creature that attacked Bo was a morragh, and I liked her. Green skin, insane teeth, and long dreadlocks. I called her a hippie zombie.

Vex was also referred to as a mesmer which I assume means he can "mesmerize" his victims into doing anything he tells them - even hurting themselves.


Vex uses his powers to make Ziegler stick his hand in a garbage disposal - and turn it on.

Spritely Humor

Early in the episode, Bo compliments Lauren on a necklace she wears. She later learns from Trick that the Ash sees humans in his employ as slaves. When Bo and Lauren are in bed together, she rips the necklace off Lauren, declaring that nobody owns her. Of course, once all the endorphins have settled and Bo learns the truth about Lauren's seduction of her, she picks up the necklace off the floor and throws it it Lauren. "Don't forget your dog collar."


It's the holiest day in the fae calendar, and the group is celebrating at Trick's bar - until a banshee crashes the festivities.