TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 109 - 'Fae Day'


Lost Girl Episode 109

"Fae Day"

Written By: Jeremy Boxen

Directed By: Steve DiMarco

Original Airdate: 12 March 2012

In This Episode...

Today is La Shoshain, the holiest Fae holiday. Like any holy day, it comes with lots of rules. Celebrated by both light and dark Fae, no Fae can use any magic, feed off humans, or be violent. And like all religions, those rules are meaningless if you know the loopholes. Anyway, Bo and Kenzi are celebrating at Trick's bar when a loud screeching noise interrupts. It is the scream of a banshee which means someone from one of the five noble families will die.

Bo has to head up the investigation, with Dyson as her backup. Since Bo is secular, she doesn't have to obey the rules. They find the banshee who put out the call and discover that the intended victim is Shawn Cavanaugh, a wealthy light Fae who has recently (as in, that night) become friendly with Kenzi. Shawn has accepted his fate, but has one final request: to reconcile with his estranged younger brother, Liam. When the brothers were younger, their dad brought them into the family investing business. Liam was always a troublemaker, and when $30,000 went missing from dad's safe, Shawn decided to teach his brother a lesson and called the cops. It was on that day that Liam decided to join the dark Fae and created his own investing firm that was a pyramid scheme. Bo finally seduces the truth out of Liam: he put the hit out on Shawn to pay him back for turning him in to the cops.

Bo cannot get the boys to reconcile, so she calls for a traditional mediation called Agallamh. When the mediation goes nowhere fast, Bo essentially filibusters while Kenzi runs to get the Cavanaugh patriarch. When he is sworn into the Agallamh, he finally admits to being the one who stole the money to cover some gambling debts. He was content to let his sons duke it out. With the truth revealed, the brothers reconcile. Shawn turns over the family business to Liam to run when dad dies; and Liam calls off the hit. The two brothers leave the bar together with a renewed relationship. One of Liam's disgruntled clients bursts around the corner, screaming about how he stole his money, and he opens fire. Shawn takes the bullet for him, proving that you can't outrun fate.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was kind of an uneventful episode. There was not much fighting, the goblins were kind of weak for monsters, the plot was terribly predictable, and the episode was more about bureaucracy than magic. I'm tired of Dyson and Trick dicking us around about who Bo really is and why Dyson can't get emotionally involved. Shit or get off the pot, boys. At least Lauren wasn't in this episode.

Fae Tales

The hit men Liam sent after his brother were actually goblins. They have "no respect for the rules" but love inflicting pain.


Bo teams up with another succubus.