TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 110 - 'The Mourning After'


Lost Girl Episode 110

"The Mourning After"

Written By: Michelle Lovretta

Directed By: Paul Fox

Original Airdate: 19 March 2012

In This Episode...

A woman named Allison picks up a guy at a bar and takes him home for sex. When she wakes up, she is alone. So she takes a bath, scribbling words like "slut" and "dirty whore" on the wall, before dropping in a hair dryer and electrocuting herself. The cops rule it a suicide, and rightfully so. But Allison's sister, Collette, can't believe her sister would kill herself, so she hires Bo and Kenzi to take the case - it reeks of fae involvement.

The girls head out to a bar, where Allison took part in weekly speed dating sessions. While there, Bo meets another succubus named Saskia. The two become fast friends, as Saskia, a far more experience succubus, takes Bo under her wing. The pair check out the speed daters Allison met that night, but no one had a record. Bo has a surprise waiting for her at home: Bertram, the speed dating organizer. When Bo doesn't answer her phone, Saskia comes over and saves Bo from his evil clutches. Saskia sucks him dry, which greatly upsets Bo. Saskia is dark fae; so was Bertram. She killed him for Bo, but Bo is upset that she took a human life. They separate on tense terms; Saskia wants Bo to come with her around the world and teach her about the succubus lifestyle, but Bo wants nothing to do with a murderer.

While Bo is off on her succubi adventures, Kenzi is working with Trick. His brother Valentine has come into the bar, giving Trick a 24 hour warning: he is coming for his coin, an ancient coin that brings business prosperity. The two found it a zillion years ago and have a kind of time share with the coin - each gets to keep it for 100 years. Trick has no problems handing over the coin - but he doesn't have it. He enlists Kenzi's help in talking to a lighting bird fae. Kenzi gets one of the bird's eggs, and Trick uses that in a location spell to track down the coin. They eventually find the coin. Valentine had it the whole time. The "original" coin he gave Trick 100 years ago was a fake that dissolved over time.

Dig It or Bury It?

For an episode with two succubi, this was not a particularly hot episode. I actually enjoyed Kenzi's relationship with Trick more than anything Bo was doing.

Fae Tales

Bertram is an alabastor. He is similar to succubi in that he feeds on sexual energy - but he feeds on negative energy. After a sexual encounter, an alabastor will send his intended victim into a shame spiral that usually results in suicide. In fact, Dyson found at least a dozen suicides over the last few years that matched Allison's suicide.

We also learn that succubi have another neat trick: they can siphon sexual energy back into their victim, which prevents them from dying and gives the victim an incredible sexual rush.

Spritely Humor

Bo: "Allison was looking for love in all the wrong places."

Kenzi: "Is that your way of saying anal?"


Dyson finds himself in a world of trouble when he wakes up in the street next to a dead dark fae, and has no memory of how they got there, or how the fae died.