TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 111 - 'Faetal Justice'


Lost Girl Episode 111

"Faetal Justice"

Written By: Peter Mohan

Directed By: Robert Lieberman

Original Airdate: 26 March 2012

In This Episode...

Dyson storms into a dark fae nightclub owned by Vex, and gets into a fight with one of the bouncers, Baal. Disgusted, he leaves. But when Baal leaves the club a short time later, he is attacked by a werewolf in the alley and mauled to death. Shortly thereafter, Dyson wakes up next to the corpse, bloody and with no memory of what happened.

He seeks sanctuary with Trick, and Bo and Kenzi are determined to figure out what happened. There were three witnesses: Vex, who, as smarmy and dirtbag-y as he is, had no reason to frame Dyson; Silas, the bartender; and Portia, the human. While the girls are running around, tracking down the witnesses and getting nowhere, Morrigan is ready to convict Dyson, and Ash is ready to turn him over. A kieran roots around in Dyson's brain, trying to recover his lost memories, only to discover that several hours were literally removed. His last memory is of taking a phone call late one night at work.

Despite being a cop, it takes Dyson forever to figure out that that phone call might be important. Hale runs the number and comes up with an art dealer named Lyle. Bo goes to talk to him, and uses her powers of seduction to get the truth out of him. It turns out that Vex runs a VIP dungeon in the basement of his club. He brings girls down there, as either dominatrixes or submissives (depending on the demand) and lets his customers go to town on them. Afterwards, Vex makes them completely forget what happened. Lyle was one such customer, a dominant one. But even he got nervous when he saw Baal doling out more pain and torture than he has ever seen. Baal had a tendency to abuse his girls and kill them when he got bored, including a light fae who had been listed as a missing person for some time now. Anyway, Lyle decided that things were getting out of control, so he called the cops. But the dark fae didn't set up Dyson to protect their secret (because that would be stupid). It turns out that Portia - the young goth runaway who Kenzi identifies with - was one of the tortured girls. Silas had a fondness for her and was worried that Baal would kill her. When he saw Dyson confront Baal angrily, he saw his opportunity. He slipped Dyson a fae roofie, then he himself turned into a werewolf, tore out Baal's throat, and staged the scene to look like Dyson did it. Upon learning the truth, Morrigan drops her complaint against Dyson with the light fae so that they wouldn't pursue action against the dark for the dungeon fae's death.

Dig It or Bury It?

For a show about a world of warring supernatural creatures, there sure are a lot of rules and regulations. This episode seemed to be especially focused on bureaucracy. It was dull, dull, dull. Did you ever see that episode of The Simpsons that makes fun of the new Star Wars prequels? Bart and Lisa go see the movie and instead of epic space battles, they get three hours of political procedure and paperwork. That is kind of what this episode felt like. It was very, very boring. Hardly any action (of the violent or sexy kind). This episode was essentially about S&M that goes too far, and that is entirely glossed over. For a show about sex, it seems weirdly nervous around the topic of BDSM.


About the closest thing to violence we got tonight was Dyson about to be tortured by Vex with a red hot poker. The key phrase here is "about to be."

Fae Tales

Red Caps are the gangbangers of the fae world. They like to kill, then use their victims's blood to dye their hats as a trophy.


A country club is killing people with deadly vines (and their membership rates. Hey-o!).