TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 112 - '(Dis)Members Only'


Lost Girl Episode 112

"(Dis)Members Only"

Written By: Jeremy Boxen

Directed By: Steve DiMarco

Original Airdate: 2 April 2012

In This Episode...

Dyson is planning a bear hunting trip during his vacation, but Bo convinces him that he would rather go on a romantic getaway with her. Kenzi has different plans for both of them when an old friend from her street days, Neville, comes to them with a problem. He and his cousin, Thumper, had been working as kitchen staff at an exclusive country club, but Thumper recently went missing, and he's not the first. The club seems to go out of its way to hire illegal immigrants, and they have a tendency to disappear.

Bo and Dyson go undercover as a well-to-do married couple who are looking to join the club, while Kenzi poses as a Venezuelan immigrant with a dreadful accent. At first, Bo and Dyson uncover nothing stranger than after-hours swinger parties by the pool. Then they discover that all the members of the club, after joining, get considerable bumps in their personal wealth: raises, bonuses, investments that pay off. Kenzi, who sucks at being a waitress, is skeeved out by the creepy old groundskeeper and he shoots to the top of her suspect list.

While exploring the grounds, Bo and Dyson follow a heinous stench that leads them to an in-ground compost pit. Tests come back with DNA from a number of missing club members and employees, including Thumper. Trick recognizes the stench as belonging to a particular type of fae called a land wight. Back to the club they go, and Bo immediately accuses the groundskeeper. He is surprised by the accusation, and wonders if Bo is working for the "monster." Bo quickly realizes it is not the frightened, elderly man - it is the head chef. Bo races to the kitchen, where the chef already has Kenzi in her grips. The land wight is a dark fae, and according to Dyson, technically no fae law was broken that would necessitate a light fae killing a dark fae. So Bo tells the staff that the chef was the one responsible for the deaths of their friends and family. Kenzi and Bo take their leave to the sounds of the employees taking their revenge.

Also: Dyson finally admits his true feelings for Bo. He tells Trick that he is done with secrets and plans on "telling Bo everything" that night. They make dinner plans after hours at the station house, but it is Saskia who shows up first and sucks the life from Dyson. Bo interrupts, causing Saskia to pout her way out. Bo blows life back into Dyson, but truth time will have to wait until next week.

Dig It or Bury It?

This may be beside the point... but are there many illegal Hispanic immigrants in Canada? I thought that all it took to gain residency in Canada was a firm handshake and a warm smile. Besides that, it was an okay episode. It wasn't as "annoying" as some episodes have been (like the way the characters interact or the rules the fae live by), but there was also nothing particularly engrossing about it. The special effects - and there weren't many - were just awful. The vines were cute in a Ray Harryhausen way, but when Trick tests the human sludge in a dead plant, only to have it spring to life instantly - that was just absurd. All of a sudden all these unnaturally shiny leaves pop up on this plant.

Fae Tales

Land wights are botanical fae. Like other carnivorous plants, land wights emit a poisonous serum that breaks down tissue until it becomes sludgy. They flourish in organic settings, which also proves to be their weakness, as they can be killed fairly easily with pesticide. Once a land wight eats a human "sacrifice," the waste it produces becomes an ultra-fertilizer. Anything grown using the land wight's fertilizer will be extra-delicious and cause good fortune to be passed on to those who consume anything made from that fertilized food.

Fractured Fae Tales

When Kenzi is pouring drinks for Bo and Dyson at the club, Dyson teases her by telling her what a wonderful job she is doing. In her horrible accent, Kenzi thanks him, while flipping him off.


In next week's season finale, we will supposedly learn Bo's dark secrets. We are also promised that Saskia is "not who you think she is." So apparently the whole homicidal whore thing was just a costume.