TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 113 - 'Blood Lines'


Lost Girl Episode 113

"Blood Lines"

Written By: Michelle Lovretta

Directed By: Robert Lieberman

Original Airdate: 9 April 2012

In This Episode...

Dyson and Trick finally tell Bo the truth about Saskia. Her real name is Aoife, and she is Bo's mother. Long before Bo was born, Aoife was part of Trick's clan. The light and dark were at constant war with one another. He wrote for peace with his bloodsage power, but it demands a a price. Aoife led the resistance that killed a dark fae leader. She was captured, but escaped, and ran to Trick for help. Trick should have killed her, but worried it would reinvigorate the war, turned her over to the dark fae for them to execute her. As Aoife later explains to Bo, that wasn't the whole story. The Dark King decided it would be more fun to keep a succubus around for his own perverse amusements. He had an amulet that protected his chi from being sucked out of his body, so she couldn't turn him into one of her thralls. 

Bo returns home to find Aoife baking cookies. Bo stupidly starts eating one (come on, that is trickery 101!) and quickly passes out. When she awakes, she is in her mother's palatial estate, surrounded by her beefcake thralls who serve their every whim. She reveals that she wants Bo's help to destroy the fae establishment. Bo is all for it, until she discovers Aoife's methods include sending one of her beefcakes into a meeting of the light elders as a suicide bomber. He blows them all to bits. Bo no longer wants to help, and jumps out a window to avoid her henchmen.

With no one she can trust beside Kenzi, Bo decides they will fight Aoife on their own. A quick visit to Lauren reveals that the light fae have a storage vault that includes, among other things, that chi-protecting amulet. How fortuitous that Lauren just happens to have the key and directions in her pocket when Bo surprises her. Worried for her safety, Bo handcuffs Kenzi inside the vault, then continues on Aoife.

Bo's posse has their own ways of helping. After much struggle with the decision, Trick uses his bloodsage magic to write a safe ending for Bo - this ends with him near-dead from blood loss. Dyson goes to the Norn, a frail tree witch who can grant a wish if offered a sacrifice. Dyson thinks he is giving up his wolf side in order to give Bo his strength. But that was the deal the first time, many years ago, that Dyson made. He is giving up that which he treasures the most, which the Norn reveals is his love for Bo. Dyson cannot stop this, but Bo gains his strength and takes the upper hand in her fight with Aoife. Kenzi's only secret power is her cell phone. She calls Hale to unlock her and heads over to aide Bo. Bo has Aoife dangling in a tall stairwell. She won't give up on her mother, but due to whatever Trick wrote, Aoife suddenly becomes a loving mother, and sacrifices herself so as not to take her daughter down with her. By the time Bo and Kenzi get downstairs, Aoife is gone. There is no body, and no blood trail to suggest she dragged herself somewhere. A mystery man has carried Aoife off.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was supposed to be an eventful episode, but it missed the mark. Bo found her mother, but found out absolutely no info on her life. Aoife refused to talk about Bo's father and just wants Bo's help to, basically, screw with the mean kids. Aoife is an annoying character. She used every stupid parenting reference she could come up with, trying to sound creepy and insane. She just came off as pathetic and insane. For example, she won't let Bo leave her house because she is "grounded." When Bo runs from her, mommy promises her a "spanking."

Fae Tales

We don't get a lot of details on the Norn. They live at the base of an ash tree - in this episode, the Norn had a huge tree planted in the center of her living room, shooting up and out through the roof.

Fractured Fae Tales

Kenzi: "How do succubi fight each other? A slow motion pillow fight?"


Technically this was the season one finale, but since Lost Girl already has two seasons in the can and a third expected this fall, they are starting up "season two" next week. I feel that it is safe to expect some broken hearts and exposed feelings in next week's season two.