TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 203 - 'Scream a Little Dream'

Lost Girl Episode 203

"Scream a Little Dream"

Written By: Jeremy Boxen

Directed By: George Mihalka

Original Airdate: 30 April 2012

In This Episode...

A doorman named Frank calls on Bo for some help. He is a light fae, and the apartment building he works at is his "territory." All of his residents seem to have had their brains turn to mush. They are walking around, catatonic or zombie-like, occasionally mumbling nonsense. Frank says he went to the Ash, who turned his back on him. ("Your turf, your problem.") Bo takes Lauren so she can collect samples and run some tests to try to figure out who or what is causing this mess. 

That night, Bo is plagued by terrifying nightmares. Her screams rouse Kenzi, who scares away a blonde woman dry humping Bo. The woman disappears into black smoke. Trick believes Bo is being haunted by a mare (as in, night-mare) and recommends she stay awake until this whole thing is figured out. Easier said than done.

After a meeting with the Ash, in which he tells Bo that Frank never contacted him, Bo goes back to Frank's building, which he has locked up to "quarantine" his humans. He blows a bit of powder in Bo's face and she drops off - he is a sandman. He has a good thing going with his girlfriend, Connie the mare: he puts them to sleep, so she can feed off their nightmares. Connie is pregnant and "eating for six." Bo is nearly catatonic, but because she is fae, she has moments of strength and clarity in which to fight back. But she is losing the battle. Kenzi shows up with a baku, a fae that eats nightmares, and he rescues Bo - and the humans - from the scary dreams.

Meanwhile, in the hopes of cleansing her mind of Dyson, Bo has decided a major spring cleaning of the house is in order - much to Kenzi's chagrin. She meets a brownie named Mumford at the bar, who lives to clean and serve for no pay (other than honey and cereal). Trick gives Kenzi his blessing, and he turns out to be a dream come true - unless you don't feed him. Then he turns into a loon, bordering on the psychopathic. For whatever reason, he cannot get his own cereal at the store. By the episode's end, he has found someone who needs his help more than Kenzi does.

Also: the new Ash offers Bo some "consulting" work. She not-so-politely declines. 

Dig It or Bury It?

The conclusion was unsatisfactory. Bo is snapped out of her waking coma, and it is assumed that the humans are as well. But then Bo bursts into the basement bedroom of Connie and Frank's, and Connie announces her water broke. And that's it. Bo gets her offer from the Ash, Mumford takes his leave, yadda yadda yadda. Not that I really care that much about Frank and Connie, but if you are going to take the time to tack on a scene after Bo has been rescued, why wouldn't you finish it?

This whole business with Dyson and Bo as "star-crossed lovers" or whatever you want to call them, is getting real old, real fast. Maybe it is because Dyson is too mopey; maybe it is because they don't have very good chemistry together, but I don't give a shit if they get back together. Even if you have no soul (like me, apparently), you should be rooting for your lead characters to get back together.

Fae Tales

We got lots of new fae tonight. First are the mare, who eat nightmares. They are usually dark fae, and they normally only feed off humans, which is why Bo didn't suffer as complete a fate as the humans. Then there is the sandman, who is pretty much as you would expect: he puts people to sleep, but he never sleeps himself. Next is the brownie, who is kind of like a less-bitchy gay BFF. He cooks, he cleans, he brings you your slippers, and all he asks for in return is cereal. Boxes and boxes of cereal. If he doesn't get his cereal, it is considered a sign of ingratitude, and the brownie refuses to work - and apparently cross-dresses. Finally, there is the baku, a shy fae who eats nightmares. Unfortunately, baku's pelts can also be worn to stave off disease, so they have been hunted nearly to extinction.

Spritely Humor

In their initial meeting with Frank, Kenzi tries to crack a joke that goes right over Frank's head. "Don't mind Tina not-fae," Bo asks of him. Frank now believes that Kenzi's name is Tina.


Kenzi meddles in Bo's love life - or lack thereof - with predictably terrible results.