TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 205 - 'BrotherFae of the Wolves'


Lost Girl Episode 205

"BrotherFae of the Wolves"

Written By: Alexandra Zarowny

Directed By: Clark Johnson

Original Airdate: 14 May 2012

In This Episode...

An old friend of Dyson's comes to town - and when I say old, I mean hundreds of years old. Through flashback sequences interspersed throughout the episode, we discover that Dyson and his friend, Cayden, were part of a pack of shifters that served a king. In those days, you served the king until you died or he did. Dyson left the pack when the king sent Dyson's friend Stephan to his death, all so he could take his wife, Ciara, as his queen. The king eventually built a modern empire with a mercenary company until he died a few years ago. Cayden stayed with him until the bitter end, but when Ciara killed herself after her husband's death, Cayden left the company and went freelance. He came to town because someone stole a serious weapon (one that makes "military warheads look like laser tag") and it was rumored to have arrived by boat in Dyson's neck of the woods.

The docks are dark fae territory, so Bo goes in to talk to an underground arms dealer named Cumberbatch. He traps Bo beneath a fishing net and shoots her with some new-fangled laser gun that fills her hand with immeasurable pain. Luckily Cayden and Dyson are keeping watch outside. They bust in, free Bo, incapacitate Cumberbatch, and steal his computer. At home, Kenzi's friend hacks the computer and discovers a secret auction for the weapon.

Our cast of merry men (Bo, Dyson, Kenzi, Cayden, Hale) attend the auction. Cumberbatch is there, too, but Bo eventually wins the bid for the weapon - called a Mongolian Death Worm - for a cool $155 million. No word on if that is US or Canadian currency. And the weapon? The weapon is a chain-smoking old woman named Velma. Looking like she belongs in a Florida trailer park, Velma is the weapon. Her prized possession is a portable TV which has her enraptured. When the TV is taken from her, rage builds inside and she can easily be turned onto a target. When she does attack, she shoots lasers out her eyes and vaporizes her target. Velma can be neutralized if given back her TV, and she will never attack the person who holds her TV. A woman after my own heart.

After the auction, Dyson and Bo go to collect their prize, but since they don't have $155 million, they try to tell the auctioneer, Brikram, that they are taking Velma in the name of the Ash. Brikram doesn't take too kindly to this and he takes Velma's TV. Cayden surprises him and takes the TV from Brikram - then shoots him with a regular gun. But Cayden is not doing this to save Dyson; he is doing this for the money. He and Brikram stole Velma together, and planned to sell her together and split the profits. Brikram obviously broke his half of the agreement. Cayden escapes with Velma, and goes directly to Cumberbatch to complete the sale. Dyson, Bo, Hale, and Kenzi break up the business deal and a fight ensues. Velma loses her TV and turns her anger onto Cumberbatch, who gave her the wrong candy. Bo gives Velma back her TV, and Cayden escapes.

Dyson follows Cayden's blood trail to find him in a van, dying. They make amends - as much as they can - and Bo discovers a woman tied up in the van: Ciara. Cayden was trying to force her into loving him. They free Ciara and discover that Cayden, once again, has disappeared. Ciara crashes with Dyson and they hook up. Bo takes Velma to the Ash and convinces him to take care of Velma. She will owe him.

Also: Lauren has run away from the Ash. He instituted a new law that states all humans must remain confined to their rooms unless working. Bo invites her to stay as long as she needs.

Dig It or Bury It?

I didn't care much for this episode. First, it was full of all those awkward relationshipy moments that I hate under any circumstance. Oh no, Dyson and Lauren are in the same room! Uh oh, Dyson is jealous of Bo even though he has no feelings for her! Do. Not. Care. Second, the flashbacks were kind of weaksauce, but I think it was because of one, kind of silly reason: the braids in Dyson's hair made him look like an Avatar character. I hated that movie. On the other hand, I really identified with Velma. I have been known to go nuclear if my TV is taken away from me. My husband is afraid to touch the remote anymore.

Spritely Humor

There really weren't any good one-liners in this episode, but I loved that the weapon was a cranky old woman who, under any other circumstance, would have merely been a neighborhood nuisance.

Fae Tales

I had a friend who, when a situation went from bad to worse, would refer to it as a Mongolian Clusterfuck. The Mongolian Death Worm sums that saying up nicely. Apparently MDWs are extremely rare, and don't usually take the form of old ladies. In all likelihood, they are more like, well, parasitic worms. Velma, this particular MDW, is over 3000 years old. Not sure if that makes her more or less powerful.


The Morrigan crosses party lines when she approaches Bo for help.