TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 207 - 'Fae Gone Wild'

Lost Girl Episode 207

"Fae Gone Wild"

Written By: Alexandra Zarowny

Directed By: Lynne Stopkewich

Original Airdate: 4 June 2012

In This Episode...

A trio of girls in black leather slink into the police department and seduce the cops on duty out of their uniforms, then dress up convicted murderer Zephyr as he is being transferred in the cops clothes and sneak him out of the station. As Hale and Dyson were the only two detectives who apparently weren't in the squad room at the time, they investigate.

The woman who is caught on video escorting Zephyr out of the station is identified as Sherri. Her mother, Donna, hires Bo and Kenzi to find her. They have been estranged for 10 years and Donna wants to reconcile, especially after seeing her daughter's photo in the paper. Bo checks out a garage where Zephyr was known to hang out. She finds him alright: he is hanging from the rafters, his right hand cut off and chunks of his flesh flayed. Dyson and Hale are not happy to find her there, but Bo insists that their cases are not connected.

Back at the bar, Bo and Kenzi go through the junk Bo stole from Zephyr's car. They find a VIP card from a strip club and head down to check it out. Upon entering the bar, Kenzi is fairly certain the club could make her switch teams. Bo quickly realizes that the strippers in the club are hypnotizing the customers. They must be fae because Bo does not fall under the spell. Sherri is dancing there, but Bo being Bo isn't just happy to find the missing person; she wants to reunite mother and daughter. Bo takes a job as bartender from the sleazy manager, Louis. She befriends Sherri and sneaks into Louis's office. She discovers he is obsessed with big game fish (sharks, 100 pound marlins, etc) and he has a strange hologram vault behind a poster. Dyson and Hale discover Bo's undercover game and are not happy. They agree not to blow her cover if she is forthcoming about everything she finds.

A background check on Louis reveals that he is a dark fae water sprite, which causes Bo to go back to Donna to get the whole story. She admits that she is a water fae known as a skelkie, who shed her skin to marry a human. She hid the truth from Sherri, and when she found out at age 15 she ran away. Bo goes to Sherri for the rest of the story. Louis promised Sherri and her friends - all skelkies - that he knew investors who would fund their seaside B&B. The funds never materialized, so Louis stole all the girls' pelts and made them dance. He promised after one year, he would give them back their pelts, as well as enough money to open their B&B. Naturally, that never happened, so she decided to steal the pelts back. She killed Zephyr so she could create the Hand of Glory, a magic charm that can allow anyone to steal anything. Louis's vault is a hologram vault that passes between dimensions, so without the secrets of the vault, the Hand of Glory was the only way to get in.

Once Bo hears this, she can't fault Sherri; instead, she helps her sneak into the vault and steal the pelts back. She later reconciles Donna and Sherri. Dyson arrests Louis for human trafficking and re-stages Zephyr's murder so that it can be ruled a suicide, thus preventing any interference from light or dark fae.

Also: Lauren finally tells Bo the truth about Nadia. They were working in the Congo when a deadly virus started sweeping through the area. It only affected fae, yet somehow Nadia contracted it, and it put her into a coma. The (old) Ash promised he would put every ounce of fae resources at Lauren's disposal so she can find a cure, but she would be indentured to the fae.

Dig It or Bury It?

There was a lot of nudity and near-nudity in this episode so how can you go wrong? Aside from the shallow stuff, I liked this episode. I liked the mythology of the Hand of Glory. It was a little self-serving (a spell that makes you able to steal anything? Weird) but at the same time it was well thought-out and a more unique reason for murder.

Fae Tales

There was lots of lore in this episode. I love lore. First, the skelkies. They are a mermaid-like fae who become indistinguishable from humans if they remove their pelt. Because they are aquatic fae, they like to stay near water. Donna shed her pelt when she fell in love with a human fisherman. She was already pregnant at the time and when Sherri was born, she hid her pelt from her. It wasn't until she was 15 that she finally learned the truth. After Sherri got her pelt back, she decided to return to the sea - but promised her mom she would visit.

The Hand of Glory requires the hand of murderer that is removed after said murderer has hanged to death. The hand serves as a base. Fat from the murderer is rendered into wax, with hair from the murderer to be used as the candle wick. When lit, it essentially freezes time for all except those who lit the candle. It also will open any vaults magically. The effects last as long as the candle is lit. It can burn down on its own, or be extinguished with milk.


Bo gets a major power trip - literally.