TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 209 - 'Original Skin'


Lost Girl Episode 209
"Original Skin"

Written By: Emily Andras
Directed By: Paul Fox
Original Airdate: 18 June 2012
In This Episode...

The usual cast of characters head to Trick's bar, for various reasons. The place is empty; Trick thought it would be fun to have a bingo night, and it wasn't very popular. Besides Trick, we have Bo, Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson, Hale, and Ciara. A guy named Woods comes in - he is a bounty hunter determined to find Renard, a criminally insane guy who escaped from a dark fae prison to cause chaos and destruction. Woods has place a fae force field around the bar to prevent anyone leaving. Not only is Renard dangerous, he escaped with a syringe of gorgon blood that could allow him to hide out in anyone's body.

It doesn't take long for everyone to figure out that Renard is in Bo's body. Bo, meanwhile, is in limbo, chatting with Nain Rouge, the harbinger of doom, who gives Bo visions of Trick dying, and Bo doing nothing to stop it. She escapes limbo by choosing the correct door, but when she does, she belches out black smoke, causing everyone to switch bodies. So Bo goes into Woods's body and vice-versa; Kenzi and Dyson switch; Hale and Ciara switch; and Renard goes into Lauren, who is sent to limbo. This leads to farce with each actor getting to mimic one of their co-stars. The plot does resume, with Lauren/Renard leaving - the force field only works on fae, and the body that left is human. Echoes of the person still exist within the body, even with a different  consciousness within. This is why Bo's body feels the need to feed - and does so on Ciara's body. So when Lauren's body escapes, with Renard looking to cause some chaos, where would Lauren want to cause chaos? With the Ash. The only other human in the group is Kenzi, so Dyson-as-Kenzi heads to the Ash's compound.

Renard-as-Lauren has the Ash held hostage with a syringe full of belladonna. If Renard kills the Ash, it would ignite a war between the light and dark fae. Dyson-as-Kenzi shows up and stomps on a circle of light which is a security system. A flash of blue lightning knocks out Renard-as-Lauren, and Dyson-as-Kenzi drags her back to the bar. Trick does a spell to put everyone back in their proper bodies, and they all live happily ever after. Except for Renard, who is now going back to lockdown. Oh, and the Ash, who we discover is keeping his own decapitated head in a trunk - as in, the Ash we know is a body double.

Dig It or Bury It?

At first, I feared that this episode would turn into a bad remake of a Twilight Zone episode, where a shop full of people have to figure out which one of these things is not like the other. Luckily, it didn't. Instead, it turned into a weird cartoonish episode. It was fun, but the plot seemed so secondary to watching these characters act like other characters. Having just watched it, I can barely even remember the plot. What I remember is the body of Dyson flopping around like Kenzi. It was a severely weak story that was saved with pure comedy.

Fae Tales

Woods is a borrero, a tracker fae. Borrero will do whatever is necessary to bring in their prey.

Spritely Humor

While trying to determine who Renard possessed... Kenzi: "How do I know if there is a dude inside me?" Hale: "Has it been that long?"

The beer has been dosed, and Trick is the only one who didn't drink any; therefore he is the only one in his right mind. When everyone switches bodies and they are all trying to figure out who is who, Trick rolls his eyes and says, "I'll get the name tags." The funny part is that he actually does go get name tags.


Bo discovers she has a dangerous past.