TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 210 - 'Raging Fae'


Lost Girl Episode 210

"Raging Fae"

Written By: Jeremy Boxen

Directed By: David Greene

Original Airdate: 25 June 2012

In This Episode...

Bo and Kenzi meet Lauren in an industrial area. A brawny ogre fae named Oscar had the crap beat out of him at an underground MMA fight - against a human. The only way a human could beat an ogre is if they were being dosed with something. So Bo heads down to Salvatore Ferraro's gym and asks to be put on the card. After a brief demo with one of his other girl fighters, Thrasher, Ferraro agrees. 

While at the gym, Bo meets Mike, the fighter who (allegedly) beat the crap out of Oscar. Mike is certainly a big guy, but he is mild-mannered. When Ferraro starts giving Mike grief for bringing his young son Tyler to the gym, Mike gets mad. This just eggs Ferraro on, and Mike starts to Hulk-out. His face gets all red and he passes out. Bo sits with him in the locker room while Tyler brings his dad a protein shake. Mike drinks some of it. Bo takes the rest to Dyson to be tested. The tests come back positive for some sort of fae chemical that is akin to toad squeezings. Before Dyson can bring this to the Ash, he needs incontrovertible evidence that Ferraro is doping his fighters. The plan is for Dyson to take a sample from him during Bo's fight tonight.

But there is something else Bo must attend to first: her past. An old high school friend, Mel, comes to town and goes straight to Kenzi, insisting that she lives with a monster. Mel's brother, Kyle, used to date Bo (then known as Beth). One night, the two sneaked off together. Kyle was found the next morning, dead, and Bo had left town. Mel believes Bo killed him and has spent years looking for her, to bring her to justice. Kenzi brings Mel to Hale to relate the whole, sad story to. Hale promises he will try to talk to Mel, but won't siren her. When Bo runs into Mel at the station, Mel flips. Hale and Dyson have her committed for a psychiatric hold and Bo, furious with Kenzi for keeping this from her, goes home to pack. Time to keep running.

Kenzi and Dyson manage to convince Bo to stick around for the fight tonight. Overwhelmed by her own depression, Bo stops fighting and gets knocked out severely. She refuses healing. During the fight, Dyson sniffs out Ferraro and determines he is not the toad fae. Who else would have access to Mike's protein drinks? Tyler. Turns out, Tyler is fae. As a baby, he and his parents were in a car accident. They died, but Tyler was never found. Mike was a firefighter at the time and did come to the scene of the accident. Bo, Dyson, and Kenzi head down to the fight. Tyler is cheering his dad on. Bo explains to him what is going on, uses her own past to identify with him (and thereby comes to terms with much of it), and Tyler jumps in the ring to stop the fight to prevent his dad from getting angry, activating the chemicals, and causing his insides to liquify. Bo finishes up the fight by sucking the opponent's chi. 

Bo decides to stay in town. She admits to Trick the visions of her killing him; he doesn't seem overly concerned. Bo is ready to tell Mel the truth, but Hale has sirened her into believing that Bo has been in witness protection after a serial killer killed Kyle and Bo ran for her life. Bo is annoyed that Hale stole the opportunity for truth from her.

Dig It or Bury It?

Weaksauce. You would think that an episode about underground MMA fights would at least have a lot of action. There were a couple decent fights, but a surprising amount of this episode was dedicated to traumatic childhood memories and girly feelings. Watching Lauren and Bo try to figure out their feelings for one another, while Lauren still struggles with her feelings for Nadia makes me realize that I could never be a lesbian. 

Fae Tales

Tyler is a toad-like fae. He looks human, but can change himself into a toad-like form at will (we only ever see his arm change). He squeezes a toxin out of his skin that can deliver super-strength to humans when they get mad. It's kind of like the rumors of kids who would lick toads to get high.

We are also introduced (briefly) to an obsidian fae, who is essentially indestructible. Is it racist that the obsidian fae is a black dude? 

Spritely Humor

Bo calls the illegal fights "human cockfighting." Kenzi murmurs under her breath, "Keep the jokes to yourself. Keep the jokes to yourself."


Bo goes undercover to figure out why rich young humans keep popping up dead.