TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 213 - 'Barometz. Trick. Pressure.'


Lost Girl Episode 213
“Barometz. Trick. Pressure.”
Written By: Steve Cochrane
Directed By: Paolo Barzman
Original Airdate: 16 July 2012

In This Episode...

Tonight is the blood moon, which means that Trick can divine the future and figure out what danger the Nain Rouge was warning about. But first he needs some things. He sends Bo retrieve a special ring which he hired a shifter to steal from a museum. The shifter was trying to extort more money from him, so Bo seduces him into accepting the agreed-upon gold bars. Trick goes to get a drug (made of ground sheep bones and blood) to get him to that special divination place.

With all the elements in place, Trick is bound to a chair and a mask delivers his drug to him as vapors. Hale and Dyson stand watch, though they are under strict orders not to wake Trick until the 30 minute mark - the point of no return. In Trick’s divination space, he meets his wife, who insists that a great evil, the Garuda, is mad. Garuda feed off fae fury, and during the great fae wars, Trick writing the rules in his blood ended the war and starved the Garuda. Mrs. Trick insists that if he unwrites the rules, the Garuda will give her back to him. Trick knows this is, well, a trick, and refuses. Wifey disappears, and Garuda approaches. It seems that when Trick spilled his blood to help Bo, it was the first time in centuries that he had done so. The Garuda could smell the fresh blood and used it to track Trick down. He promises vengeance on Trick and all fae-kind. This brings us to the 30-minute mark, but Dyson and Hale cannot wake up Trick. They break the drug vaporizer off him, but it doesn’t work, and all three are knocked out.

Meanwhile, Bo wants to beat the shit out of Lochlyn for what she sees as trickery to get Lauren to recommit herself to the Ash. So while Trick is entranced (and despite the fact that he warned her not to) she goes to Lochlyn’s compound and finds the severed head he keeps in his locked chest. What’s more, there are four heads in there. Lochlyn surprises Bo, and the two engage in a pretty wicked sword fight, marred only by their occasional trying-to-be-funny-but-not-actually-funny mid-fight quips. When Bo mentions the Nain Rouge, Lochlyn stops the fight and finally tells her what she wants to know.

Lochlyn promises they are on the same side. The heads she found were his heads - over the centuries adversaries cut them off to get at the venom within which, Lochlyn explains, is the only way to kill a Garuda. Bo must be the one to lead the battle against the Garuda - something about how her “abilities” make her the perfect leader.

Also: Kenzi decides to go on tour with her new boyfriend. And she gets laid. Yay Kenzi.

Dig It or Bury It?

This is what I am talking about. Tonight’s episode got straight to the point. It tied up all the storylines that have been hinted at all season long (what happened to Trick’s wife; what Lochlyn’s real motivations are), while giving us new threads to follow (how to stop this new form of pure evil). There wasn’t a lot of dicking around, though there were a few scenes in the super tease that came from nowhere, went nowhere, and were perfectly forgettable.

Fae Tales

The Garuda have cool flaming wings. They apparently feed on fae fury, which was ample when they were all at war with one another. Of course, feeding on fae fury would leave fae dead. When the war ended, no one was mad (apparently) and the Garuda starved. Now that they know where Trick is, to undo the good he did, they are pissed. The Garuda are the fae’s greatest enemy, and they can only be stopped by the venom of a naga. Luckily, Lochlyn is a naga.

Spritely Humor

Kenzi calls Bo “Boobie Cakes.”


Bo tracks a genie for the Ash.