TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 215 - 'Table for Fae'


Lost Girl Episode 215
“Table for Fae”
Written By: Duana Taha
Directed By: David Greene
Original Airdate: 27 July 2012

In This Episode...

Trick asks Bo to investigate a case that Hale brought to his attention. A 22-year-old backpacker named Cole turned up, aged into his 80s, and died of a heart attack. She follows the trail to an exclusive day spa, run by dark fae sisters, called serkets. Bo defeats them way too easily. There was no fight. Ryan pulls a gun, the girls agree to stop but won’t give the backpackers their youth and vitality back. Bo turns the meek younger sister against the older abusive sister, and she returns the kids to their youth.

Kenzi and Nate return home from their tour and go to a very fancy lunch with Ryan and Bo. Ryan is a hot-shot and likes throwing his money and influence around. Neither Kenzi nor Nate are impressed by this, but their mood changes when Bo gets called to work and has to leave early. Ryan encourages them to eat and drink as much as they want - on him. Before he leaves he also mentions that he has arranged a face to face meeting for Nate with an agent. Kenzi is horrified to discover that the agent is the Morrigan. When Nate runs home to get his guitar, Kenzi strikes a deal with the Morrigan: leave Nate alone, don’t sign him and take his life, and Kenzi will owe the Morrigan a favor, to be called upon at a moment’s notice, no questions asked.  Kenzi doesn’t tell Nate the real reason his agent pulled out of the deal, but she does go to Bo, expecting her t break up with Ryan now that she knows he is dark fae. Bo is initially mad at him, but he charms his way back into her good graces - with a pretty blonde from the restaurant.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was one of those middling episodes that split its attention between a monster-of-the-week and ongoing drama with our main characters - but it did so ineloquently. There was no true sense of danger or urgency. The serkets just didn’t feel particularly ominous - maybe because they were brought down so easily.

Fae Tales

The sisters are serkets, who are generally benevolent fae, who give youth and vitality to people. They have to take it from someone else, but usually they only take it a few years at a time - not in a massive clump that tends to kill the victim. The life is drained through the jugular, sucked out by the serket’s thumb and drained through a big hole in her other thumb.


It’s back to school for Bo and Kenzi as they go undercover at a high school for their next case.