TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 216 - 'School's Out'


Lost Girl Episode 216
“School’s Out”
Written By: Jay Firestone & Harris Goldberg
Directed By: James Dunnison
Original Airdate: 3 August 2012

In This Episode...

A girl at a local high school has a massive meltdown in the middle of class. She rambles on in a manic intellectual tirade before collapsing. Dyson is asked to look into the case because it reeks of fae interference. So the crew goes undercover: Bo is a substitute teacher; Dyson is the guidance counselor, and Kenzi is a student. All are piss-poor at their individual assignments. Bo barely passed high school - teaching is a little overwhelming. Kenzi has no respect for the teen hierarchy and gets into a fight with the popular girls. Dyson has no patience and no sympathy for kids.

Kenzi befriends a guy named Earl. He is a little awkward, and a little bit of a genius. He teaches Kenzi chess and is part of the academic team that the vice principal put together recently. Bo immediately suspects the vice principal of doping the kids. She confronts the vice principal but is quickly proven wrong when Earl’s dad, Jed, rages in with a hammer. Earl comes in soon after and talks his dad down. He and a few other dads were doping their less-than-brilliant kids with a fae substance in order to improve their chances of getting into college. The drug was being transferred from the fae kids to the human kids when they kiss.

Also: Bo is keeping Ryan secret from Kenzi. She hates the fact that she likes him - but she is the only one. And Lauren is torn between telling Nadia the truth about her and Bo, and giving in to Nadia’s sweet, sweet loving.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a great episode. It was focused - something that the show has been lacking as of late. The main story was the druggings at the school. The character conflicts were all dealt with on the periphery. It was a far more coherent structure. Of course, the main plot was a little weak, the ending was severely anticlimactic, and there simply wasn’t any monstery goodness, but it was a fun ride regardless. Plenty of sex and single entendres - more than True Blood has had for most of this season.

Fae Tales

The kids who are being doped are akvans, or “dumb” fae. Yeah, pretty much the worst fae ever. They are drugged with the eggs of the simurgh, a mutant bird under fae. Legend has it the simurgh raised an abandoned child, who gained immense intelligence from eating the simurgh’s eggs.


Fae politics and spontaneous combustion. What could possibly go wrong?