TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 218 - 'Fae-nted Love'


Lost Girl Episode 218
“Fae-nted Love”
Written By: Shelley Scarrow
Directed By: Michael DeCarlo
Original Airdate: 17 August 2012

In This Episode...

Bo is severely injured from battle. Who does she call for healing? Ryan. After, Bo rushes him out the door - Ryan is the one who wants to stay and spoon. Bo makes it clear that she is not interested. By the time Kenzi comes home, Ryan has cleared out, but a delivery guy has dropped off a load of expensive gifts. Kenzi’s graffiti artist acquaintance Tryst needs some help. Someone has tricked his grandma out of all her money.

The girls’ investigation takes them to a strip mall “church” run by a guy named Douglas. Bo is sprinkled with some of his “holy” water and loses her memory. She runs from Kenzi, and is found by Ryan (he had a tracker in the bracelet he gave her). Trick explains to Kenzi that in Bo’s current state, she would “imprint” on whoever was nice to her. Ryan is nice - he is still trying to win Bo back, and he wins Bo’s trust by telling her the inscription on her bracelet. But Ryan decides to take advantage of the situation, and he proposes to Bo. He even has a ring. She accepts, and they take off for the falls.

With Bo’s amnesia comes a sweet, naive innocence. She insists on no “s-e-x” before marriage and wants a big white dress before they get married. While trying on dresses, Bo is confused by her attraction to one of the two dress girls. She brings her concerns to Ryan and reveals she is starting to get pieces of her memory back. Ryan certainly can’t have that, so he drugs her and calls Douglas over to give her another hit of the ol’ amnesia water. It is unclear, but I think that Ryan didn’t realize that Douglas was the one who took Bo’s memories in the first place. Ryan and Bo make it down the aisle as Kenzi and Trick burst in. Douglas is performing the ceremony. Before rings can be exchanged, Kenzi grabs them and distracts Ryan while Trick gently persuades Bo into drinking the antidote. It works instantly, and Bo knocks Ryan unconscious. Trick then performs a quick ceremony on Ryan to snap him out of whatever marriage haze he was in. Ryan claims he was with some other type of fae that zapped a portion of his brain, but it is painfully obvious that that is not the case. Bo finally realizes that Trick knows more than he is letting on, but doesn’t ask - not yet.

Dig It or Bury It?

What the hell was the point of Dyson’s meeting with the auger? Lochlyn is keeping an auger in the dungeon, believing he killed a few fae and staged it to look like suicide. After a good 15 minutes of screen time peppered throughout the episode, we are left with a confession from the auger and some “insights” into Dyson’s life that we already figured out eight episodes ago. It was dull and pointless. I think this episode was weak on plot, so it was pure filler. They could have done more with the creepy preacher and his Dougallerian Sodality. 

Fae Tales

Douglas is an addonc, a water fae who can treat water, make it sparkly, and then splash it on his victims, which causes them to lose their memory. They will imprint on the first person who is nice to them. The only cure is to drink extremely rare, extremely expensive river water. It smells like lilies and sewage.


The first battle in the war against the Glaive is about to go down.