TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 219 - 'Truth and Consequences'




Lost Girl Episode 219
“Truth and Consequences”
Written By: Grant Rosenberg
Directed By: Lee Rose
Original Airdate: 24 August 2012

In This Episode...

Bo goes to the Glaive. Lachlyn wants her dead (or at least kidnapped) and Trick doesn’t trust her.  Bo, having seen the Glaive speak, thinks she is Oprah - without the free cars. Trick gives her a beta blocker so the Glaive can’t read her thoughts, but the fact that she did that makes the Glaive suspicious. After a long, insincere, self-actualizing chat, the Glaive has her guards take Bo away. Bo succubuses them so she can escape their clutches, runs back to the Glaive, and throws a dagger into her heart. Lachlyn is surprised when Bo delivers her to him, but she didn’t kill the Glaive - she just has two hearts, like her daughter.

Lauren is working tirelessly to find out what ails Nadia. She is fevered and suffers from blackouts, but Lauren can’t figure out what is wrong with her. During Nadia’s blackouts, she becomes violent: attacking Lauren in the shower with a knife; attacking Lauren when she offers her a possible cure; knocking Kenzi unconscious when looking for Bo. After the Kenzi incident, Bo confronts Nadia who, by now, seems to have multiple personalities. Bo finally realizes that the Garuda is using Nadia as a host. Doubled up in pain, Nadia begs to be killed. Both Lauren and Bo refuse to do the killing (“I can’t do it!” “I can’t do it either!”) until Nadia lunges for Bo, and she stabs Nadia in the gut with a knife.

Also, Kenzi breaks up with Nate because she can’t keep him safe if he stays, but she isn’t ready to leave Bo’s side yet.

Dig It or Bury It?

Oh holy hell this was one of the worst hours of television I have ever had to sit through. It was so  estrogen-charged I thought I might start spontaneously ovulating. Everyone was emotional. About everything. Parcel that shit out or something. I mean, it was so boring it actually made me angry. Obviously killing Nadia did nothing to hurt the Garuda, otherwise that would be the worst - plot - wrap up - ever. The only “blessing” was that mopey, moody Dyson wasn’t in a single scene.


Scenes for next week promise that “war is coming.” After tonight’s episode, I would be happy if war just headed our way.