TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 220 - 'Lachlan's Gambit'


Lost Girl Episode 220
“Lachlan’s Gambit”
Written By: Steve Cochrane
Directed By: Steve DiMarco
Original Airdate: 31 August 2012

In This Episode...

The garuda nears. He sends a few of his berserkers to the bar to “fetch” Trick. They weren’t expecting him to have backup. They are beaten soundly and retreat to the garuda. Trick accuses his mole (literally - a fae that travels underground) of ratting them out. He swears he didn’t, but Trick starts torturing him and the mole reveals that the garuda is holed up in the old abattoir. More guards come for Trick, this time from the Ash. Trick goes willingly, missing the return of Dyson, who seems to be his old self again.

The Ash wants Trick to use his blood to rewrite history and defeat the garuda. Trick refuses, and the Ash, out of desperation tries to force the blood from him. Bo and Dyson come in and stop him. Dyson claims that while he was gone on his spiritual journey, the wolf spirit told him that he would be the one to take down the garuda, and if he does, he will get his love back. The Ash still believes Bo is his champion. Bo will follow Dyson into battle. In the meantime, Ciara wants some “last night on earth” sex with Dyson, while Lauren finally lets go of enough anger to crawl into Bo’s arms, just for comfort, not for sex.

Morning comes. Dyson, Bo, Kenzi, Hale, and Ciara head to the abattoir, while Trick goes back to the Ash. The Ash has sent all of his guards to help Dyson and company, and has called Lauren to the compound. Lauren was on her way out of town, ready to escape his rule, but gives in and comes when he calls. In the abattoir, the group doesn’t make a dent in the garuda or his troops. He kills Ciara with a flaming sword and uses the ruckus to disappear. Bo realizes he has gone for the Ash, so Dyson stays behind to hold back the berserkers while Bo, Hale, and Kenzi go to help Ash... except Kenzi can’t leave Dyson all alone.

At the Ash’s compound, Trick hides while the garuda and the Ash face off. The Ash knows he won’t survive this, and he doesn’t - he gets beheaded. The garuda’s guard drops, and Trick’s mole burrows up from the ground and pulls the garuda in after him. What the garuda doesn’t know is that, before he killed the Ash, Lauren withdrew two vials of venom from him - the only thing that can kill the garuda.

Dig It or Bury It?

After last week’s wasted hour, I was not looking forward to tonight’s episode. But it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. The garuda’s death was offensively anti-climactic - then I figured out that he wasn’t dead; this was just a stall tactic. I am not sure what the point was of Ciara’s knife play during sex. It just seemed underused. Was it supposed to be taboo? Dangerous? Edgy? She basically tickled him with it. 


The war continues, and Trick finally reveals his deep, dark secrets.