TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 221 - 'Into the Dark'


Lost Girl Episode 221
“Into the Dark”
Written By: Emily Andras
Directed By: John Fawcett
Original Airdate: 7 September 2012

In This Episode...

There were a lot of bits and pieces of stories this week. I guess the main story would be with Bo (naturally). Bo summons the Nain Rouge who finally drops her bratty attitude to admit she is scared and tells Bo the fae need to present a united front against the garuda. Bo devises a plan to work with the dark fae, and that involves working with Vex. She goes to the Morrigan, who has Vex locked up in her dungeon. The Morrigan will release Vex into Bo’s custody if Bo brings her a briefcase that was in the Ash’s possession. She does so, and brings Vex home. Vex reveals he pissed off the Morrigan on purpose so he would be in the dungeon, safe from the Red Caps, a group of thugs who wanted to kill Vex because he was supposed to fix a soccer match for them. The Red Caps invade Bo’s home and kidnaps Vex, but they tell Bo they will release him if she brings them the briefcase she just delivered to the Morrigan. Bo seduces it away from the Morrigan and delivers it to the Red Caps, who then decide to kill both Bo and Vex. The Morrigan comes in and kills the Red Caps, saving Vex and Bo inadvertently so she can get her briefcase back. She moves in to kill the pair, and Vex forces her to to knock herself out, allowing the pair to get away. So Vex is now part of the team.

Kenzi is determined to get Dyson’s love back from the Norn. They go to her together and ask nicely, but get nowhere, so Kenzi comes back with a chainsaw and starts hacking away at the Norn’s tree. Every slice injures the Norn, and she gives in and gives Dyson’s love back. While in her store room, a bottle full of thick black ooze breaks and splashes on Kenzi. The effects are yet to be determined.

Also: Bo finally confronts Trick - she knows he is her father. Bo is close - Trick is actually her grandfather. Aoife is his daughter. Bo’s paternal lineage is still a mystery, as is why Trick held it as such a deep dark secret.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a pretty standard set-up for the season finale. There were a lot of fun sequences (Bo seducing Morrigan; Kenzi wielding the chainsaw) but overall it was a generic episode. The “bulk” of the plot was spent with characters fighting over fae Viagra. Lame. It was all just very roundabout. Trick being Bo’s grandfather was pretty obvious, but I still can’t figure out why it was such a huge secret.

Fractured Fairies

Bo (to the Morrigan, after discovering she had locked Vex in the dungeon): “What happened? You and Vex were like an evil Hall & Oates.” 

The Morrigan: “You mean Hall & Oates weren’t evil?”


This war everyone has been moaning about better get here, and it better be bloody.