TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 302 - 'Subterfaenean'



lost girlLost Girl Episode 302
Written By: Stephen Cochrane
Directed By: Steve Dimarco
Original Airdate: 21 January 2013

In This Episode...

Vex tags along with Kenzi and her friend Ozzy to an underground art event that is literally underground: in an abandoned subway tunnel. A brief power outage yields the death of one of the performers and the disappearance of Ozzy. Kenzi and Vex saw a shadowy fae blur past them.

Bo and Kenzi go back to investigate, and they stumble upon a population of subterranean fae who have been underground so long they are blind and can no longer survive in the sunlight. Their “leader,” an alligator fae named Atticus captures them. He once had a wife and child, but then they were forced deep underground and told they were being quarantined, but sickness only spread after they were forced underground. Atticus summons up a fog of gas and the girls wake up safe in their bed.

Hale, now the Ash, has left the force, so Dyson has a new partner: a bitchy dark fae named Tamsin. They are investigating the artist’s death when Bo charges in with claims that the subterranean fae have kidnapped Ozzy and are killing artists. Tamsin, not happy to see her, claims that the fae Bo fed on briefly at the end of last week’s episode was nearly drained dry and is currently in a coma. He was dark fae, and Tamsin plans to make Bo suffer. The police captain, meanwhile, cannot have all these strange stories from the sewers coming to the surface, so he insists - multiple times - that Dyson and Tamsin kill them all. Dyson believes there must be another way so he talks to Hale, who revealed that his plan was just to relocate all the sub-fae.

Bo and Kenzi are at home when Ozzy comes in, with no memory of being kidnapped. Taking him to a dreamweaver fae, they discover that Ozzy was being held above ground, in a shipping container. Bo and Kenzi free the other kidnap victims and take them to the police station. Kenzi recognizes many of them from missing person flyers in the station. Between that and the raging lunatic that is the captain, the girls go back into the sewer. The captain, not happy that Dyson didn’t get a chance to lock Bo up, follows them down. He is a Pied Piper fae, and had lured fae into the sewers to keep them there so he could feed. Atticus and his followers just want to be left alone. So Bo and Dyson leave him alone - with the police captain.

Also: Bo has been having night terrors, so Trick hires a dreamweaver to figure out why. She has a horrible vision of Bo cannibalizing someone and leaves without sharing what she saw.

Dig It or Bury It?

Tamsin really ruined this episode for me. She came into the episode as an uber-bitch, with no real reason to be, and only got bitchier from there. She was just unpleasant and unlikable in any way. I don’t know if it was my hatred of Tamsin that was distracting me, but in general, I found this episode to be disjointed and not fully fleshed out. Also, I was disappointed that there was not a single Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle joke anywhere in the episode. The Pied Piper was pretty awesome though.

Fae Tales

The Pied Piper stretches himself out to be long and thin. When he does so, he becomes almost translucent and his features blur together. He hypnotizes his victims with lullabies and a hypno-stare. The Pied Piper used to eat humans, until he got a taste of fae and kept them locked away for feast on. Apparently fae is far more delectable than human.


There is a parasite that is going from host to host, causing the infected to go bug-nutty.