TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 303 - 'Confaegion'



lost girlLost Girl Episode 303
Written By: James Thorpe
Directed By: Paolo Barzman
Original Airdate: 28 January 2013

In This Episode...

Vex is going through a mid-life crisis. He still doesn’t have any of his powers and is tired of crashing on Bo and Kenzi’s couch. He steals Bo’s phone and brings it to Morrigan so she can delete the incriminating photo Bo has of her. Vex hopes that this will ingratiate himself with the Morrigan and he can get back his standing in the community. It doesn’t; the Morrigan wants Bo’s “head on a platter.”

Unbeknownst to Vex, the Morrigan infected him with some kind of parasite. When he returns home, it jumps into Bo and makes her act like a 13-year-old. When Dyson thinks she has had too much to drink, Bo giggles and gets excited because she thinks he has a fake ID. And she “totally” wants to kiss him. The parasite transfers to Dyson, who “totally” wants to ask her on a date. And then it goes to Tamsin, who starts singing “Bo and Dyson sitting in a tree...” Lauren first thinks that Bo has a concussion, but when she realizes whatever it is has spread, she rethinks her diagnosis. She finds a pustule behind Vex’s ear which turns out to be a cocoon. Lauren realizes Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin have been infected by a parasite that causes them to regress to adolescence, before their fae powers have developed. It also causes the infected to give off a secretion that lures up the underfae and instigates them into violence. It’s a pretty weaksauce curse or infection or whatever you want to call it.

One of the underfae that makes his way into Bo’s house is a pig man. Kenzi and Lauren are desperate for a weapon while the “kids” are upstairs playing spin the bottle and dancing to Duran Duran. Kenzi finds a branch on the counter and grabs it. In doing so it grows and glows and grants Kenzi some ninja superpowers. This is the Staff of Righteousness, a relic that Bo had retrieved for Trick. Kenzi handily kills the pig man, but soon finds the staff is fused with her hand. These underfae tend to travel in packs, so when the scout doesn’t come back, his brethren are bound to come looking for him. Lauren sets to work on an antidote. Three more piggies show up, led by Vex, and Kenzi does the best she can fending them off while Lauren finishes and administers the antidote. Vex seems to be back on Team Morrigan, but at the last minute sides with Kenzi (they bonded over mascara.) Bo comes downstairs, healed and ready to fight. She takes on the pig men while Kenzi and Lauren watch from a (very) safe distance.

So Vex decides it is time to leave Bo and Kenzi’s couch, and heads off into the great unknown. Trick tells Kenzi that by picking up the staff, she has taken on a noble cause. Luckily there is an escape clause: she just says, “I decline.” The staff falls from her hand harmlessly. And Hale brings the Morrigan in to chastise her about nearly breaking the perilous peace between the light and dark fae with all her tomfoolery.

Dig It or Bury It?

I didn’t like pre-teens when I was a pre-teen, so watching adults act like pre-teens  does not come across as humorous or wacky or adorable; it comes across as obnoxious. Luckily we weren’t subjected to whatever terrible teen angst poetry Bo and Tamsin thought it would be fun to write. Kenzi was super kick-ass tonight.

Fae Tales

Tamsin admits tonight that she is a Valkyrie, however she doesn’t elaborate on what this means in the fae world. She does mention a deep, dark secret that no one can help her with.


Dyson and Bo each need favors from one another.