TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 306 - 'The Kenzi Scale'



lost girlLost Girl Episode 306
“The Kenzi Scale”
Written By: Sandra Chwialkowska
Directed By: David Greene
Original Airdate: 18 February 2013

In This Episode...

Bo is almost violent as she tries to get her friends to believe her that Kenzi is not Kenzi. Instead they lock Bo up in the keg room. Even Lauren doesn’t quite believe Bo. But we all know that Kenzi isn’t Kenzi - part of that is because “Kenzi” visits Kenzi in a cave where she is tied up. “Kenzi” is actually a fae named Anari who made a deal with the noorn. When Kenzi was leaving the noorn, it was Anari’s magic that spilled into her rash, which - I guess - meant that she was able to become Kenzi’s doppelganger or got her powers back or something... that was never really explained.

Anyway, Tamsin, for whatever reason, decides to believe Bo, lets her out, and joins her on a quest to find Kenzi. It sounds like a fox fae to Tamsin, who checks with a few girls she used to know. They confirm it and tell Tamsin that she is probably in a cave. Bo as of late has had a ridiculously acute sense of smell, and when fake Kenzi came to check on her, Bo smelled clay or mud on her. So she follows the scent into the woods to locate the right cave, and they find Kenzi, chained up and starving, but alive. She was about to fight a zombie fae of some kind, but we didn’t really get to see much of it before Bo killed it. Soon Dyson shows up and helps with the rescue effort.

And that was really it. So boring. There were a few other things that were thrown in (sometimes at random) that could prove important later on:

**Tamsin lets Bo feed off her.
**”Kenzi” tries to sleep with Dyson.
**The Morrigan makes Tamsin wake up coma fae to ask him to ID Bo as the one who attacked him. He dies shortly thereafter (something to do with Tamsin’s Valkyrie power) and she lies and tells the Morrigan that the dude died before she could get anything from him.
**Bo is going through “The Dawning,” some kind of fae evolution process, only this is 200 years ahead of schedule.

Dig It or Bury It?

What a snooze-fest. It was dull, it was anti-climactic, it was just weaksauce. Even the one fight scene with the zombie guards was dull. It was almost like the writers were bored with the Keniz/Noorn storyline, so they just did what they could to wrap it up, however boring, random, or nonsensical it was. Why, if Anari died, did she not revert to her original form? Was production too cheap to hire another actress? Again - weaksauce! And where the hell did this idea of the Dawning come from? How random was that?

Fae Tales

As a Valkyrie, Tamsin can create doubt in people and make them second guess themselves. It is a powerful weapon of war, and it makes her face this awesome skeleton. And apparently she can wake people from comas, but it almost always ends in death.

Anari was a kitsune, a fox fae. They don’t really tell us much more about it, other than the fox fae have a whole sorority, so that ought to tell you something about them. Apparently her special skill is “glamour,” but no further details are given.


Bo goes back to “where it all began.”