TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 307 - 'There's Bo Place Like Home'



lost girlLost Girl Episode 307
“There’s Bo Place Like Home”
Written By: Brendon Yorke
Directed By: Gail Harvey
Original Airdate: 4 March 2013

In This Episode...

The first step in preparing for Bo’s Dawning is to go through a magic threshold. Bo cannot make her mind and emotions one (or some hippy nonsense like that) but if she can’t she will never be able to continue her training and she will devolve. Trick brings in Stella, a fae who has helped hundreds of fae get through this ritual. She determines that Bo is filled with rage and regret, and this is what is preventing her from moving through the threshold. Stella insists that Bo go to her adoptive mother and make peace. Kenzi will go with, and Lauren packs them three injections of anti-monster serum (that is all that she has left, and they have diminishing returns anyway). Bonus: Bo’s home town is having their annual cherry festival.

So the girls head out to the tiny country farmhouse. A quick stop at the gas station yields a reunion between Bo and high school friend Doug. Bo is filled with fear and hate. Kenzi mistakes this for a monster rampage and gives her one of the injections. Oops. Bo discovers her mother - the one who called her a devil and said that she brought evil with her and kicked her out, is a sweet old lady who welcomes Bo with open arms. A lot of that has to do with dementia. Momma sends the girls to enjoy the cherry festival. Bo sees her high school friend/rival Jessica, and learns that another friend, Brad, was killed when his car crushed him as he and his fiancee were heading into town.

Kenzi and Bo go back home, and Bo attempts to confront her mom. Momma starts raging, calling Bo all the names she used to, and Bo sees a ghost in bloody tatters coming towards them. Bo scares her away with a rake, then runs away from the hateful things her mom is calling her. Kenzi calls Trick to check in on this ghost, Lady Polly. Kenzi hopes that Kyle’s death can be attributed to Polly, but Trick explains that was a fae feed, pure and simple. The people who summoned Polly are probably the same that are dying.

Kenzi finds Bo getting plastered on cherry wine at the festival. After giving her dose #2 of the monster potion and explaining Lady Polly, they split up to gather Doug and Jessica at the well. Doug, Jessica, Kyle, Brad, and Bo (back when she was Beth) were all at the well, and Doug summoned Polly when he accidentally kicked over a candle when everyone left. He has known about her the whole time, but thought that everyone would be safe because they all left town. A sacrifice is needed to get rid of Polly. Kenzi explains to Doug what is happening and he offers himself up as sacrifice. Polly gets to Jessica before Bo can, and she chokes on a cherry pit.

Bo, Kenzi, and Doug gather at the well. Polly joins them and is ready to attack. Bo stabs her with the final dose of anti-monster potion. This weakens Polly enough that Bo can easily kick her into the well and she and Kenzi seal it up. This has apparently given Bo some clarity. She goes back to her momma and says that she has forgiven her for the things she has said, and she has forgiven herself for the things she could not control. Bo leaves in a peaceful state. Back at home, Bo makes it through the threshold. Reinvigorated, she is ready for the next challenge, which Stella promises is a doozy.

Dig It or Bury It?

I was surprised at how much I liked this episode. It was sappy, and it was rife with problems. (Can the townsfolk actually see Polly? What was with momma’s outburst? Does she remember anything through her dementia fog? Did it just take kicking Polly into the well to end the curse?) But overall, it was an enjoyable episode. Polly was a delightful ghost. I always like getting character backstory, and Bo’s home town reminded me of the town in Two Thousand Maniacs.

Fae Tales

Polly’s magic name is Polundia. She can only be summoned from fire by a human, is bound to the land and cannot leave town, and strikes during the heat of midday.


Trick has found out that Dyson has his love back. Bo confronts Kenzi about why she was visiting the Noorn. I think that Lauren is about to get dumped.