TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 310 - 'Delinquent'



lost girlLost Girl Episode 310
Written By: Michelle Lovretta
Directed By: Gail Harvey
Original Airdate: 25 March 2013

In This Episode...

Some kids are turning up dead at a juvenile camp. Bo goes undercover as a counselor, Kenzi as a camper, and Dyson as a social worker. A whole lot of nothing happens, even when Bo is attacked by the monster while Skype-ing with Lauren. Bo breaks free and the monster runs. Lauren - with a bit of help from Tamsin, figures out that this is a tickbilang. It must be smoked out and then have its mane cut to destroy its power. It takes Bo literally no time to do this. The monster is apparently hiding in a tent or something, and Bo rips off the mask to reveal that the culprit is Jolene, one of the other social workers at the camp. It is not until they are having a celebratory drink at the Dahl that Trick mentions the tickbilang like to hunt in pairs and Kenzi recognizes the tickbilang language in Trick’s book as matching the tattoo on the arm of another “camper.” He is human, and he is attacking Lauren when Bo storms in and beats him until Dyson pulls her off and arrests him.

Meanwhile, Tamsin meets with an old friend Akaisha - played by Linda Hamilton. They apparently work as bounty hunters and “he” really really wants Bo. Tamsin is having a hard time setting aside her feelings for Bo for whatever it is that “he” expects from her. Akaisha is not happy when Tamsin hems and haws at her task, and gives her a bottle of oil. Put in one hair of someone Bo loves, two of someone she trusts, and three from Bo herself, and it will diminish her power. The druid will do the rest. Tamsin starts with a hair from Dyson, but chickens out and throws away the bottle. The bottle comes back to her - along with Akaisha’s severed hand - so Tamsin finishes the concoction with two hairs from Lauren and three from Bo. After Tamsin grabs Bo’s hairs, she slips out of the house, leaving Bo suspicious.

Also: Lauren wants to go “on a break” with Bo. She is not happy, and Tamsin accidentally-on-purpose tells Lauren that she and Bo kissed. That couldn’t have helped matters.

Dig It or Bury It?

The ending really brought it down. I mean, this episode wasn’t particularly good, but this sad-sack break-up nonsense is really trying. Lauren was never very likable - she is always so stern and serious, so it is hard to feel anything for her. But other than that this whole episode was nonsense. You know what could have saved it? If Bo made a Scooby-Doo reference when unmasking Jolene from that ridiculous suit. Otherwise, it was a really boring, slow episode, and I am offended at how underused Linda Hamilton was. 


All is not so quiet and safe in suburbia when Bo and Kenzi help out a young babysitter in a gated community.