TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 311 - 'Adventures in Fae-bysitting'



lost girlLost Girl Episode 311
“Adventures in Fae-bysitting”
Written By: Sandra Chwialkowska
Directed By: Lee Rose
Original Airdate: 1 April 2013

In This Episode...

A young, pretty babysitter named Lisa is having strange dreams while on the job. She goes to Kenzi and Bo after finding one of their fliers in a coffee shop. The girl take the case, just like old times. In order to get an “in” at Shady Grove, they pretend they are sisters, shopping for a new house after Kenzi got out of rehab. The realtor, Susan, is a stereotypical bored housewife. She has to go take care of an “emergency,” leaving the girls to snoop around the neighborhood. They are especially concerned about Sam, a creepy widower who likes to skulk around. The girls hear screams and burst into a house - only to discover a raucous book club which consists of Susan, Caroline, and Eleanor. Bo and Kenzi join in the stereotypical boozefest.

The girls split up. Kenzi overhears Eleanor wanting to “leave” but Caroline convinces her to stay. Bo meets up with Lisa, who is traumatized. The two are walking in a park wiht a small, creepy carousel that is on despite no one being around. Bo is drawn to it, but it full-out puts Lisa into a trance. Bo finds Lisa standing over Eleanor’s corpse, knife in hand. Lisa is in a trance, and has “done what she was asked.” The body disappears into flames, Lisa passes out, and Bo brings her to Trick.

Back into the gated community they go. Both Bo and Kenzi think Sam is behind the mojo - so obviously, he is not the one controlling Lisa. Kenzi babysits Sam’s kid, Ethan, while Bo goes undercover at a ritzy, upscale BBQ being thrown by Caroline and “catered” by Sam. Caroline sees Bo putting the succubus moves on Sam and draws her away, out to the park. Susan is there too, and they reveal they are witches - or wannabe witches. Caroline’s power comes from a trinket her husband bought her on a business trip, but in actuality, he - like all the dead - was having an affair. Bo agrees to join their circle, thinking she is just going deeper undercover. But then the circle is bound and Caroline calls on Lisa to kill Sam. Bo is not ready for this, plus she is worried that Kenzi, babysitting for Sam’s son, will get caught in the crosshairs. Bo tries to talk her way out of the circle, but to unbind it, it must be a unanimous decision. Bo uses her powers to coerce Susan into turning against Caroline. It is enough to break the spell over Lisa. She drops her knife and Kenzi cares for her. Susan now takes on the voice of the devil, makes an unintelligible threat, and she and Caroline disappear into flames.

Lisa is a fae vessel who was being controlled by Caroline (more on that below). The only way to stop it from happening again is to kill her. Bo does so tenderly, sweetly. It is a mercy killing.

Also: Reilly, one of the girls that Bo is “accused” of killing has a twin sister, Anita, who needs Dyson’s help looking for her. He and Tamsin reopen the case and notice Reilly had bruises from a six-fingered perp around her neck. They go back to the site where they found her body, and Dyson smells something. Turns out, the field is a mass grave. Someone has been killing fae. Lots of them. And Lauren, after being treated by Hale the way all the previous Ashes had treated her, decides to go with Isaac on an exciting new research opportunity. She leaves without a word to Bo, who has decided she wants to reconnect with her. We also learn that Lauren has a fugitive past, and her real name is Karen Beattie.

Dig It or Bury It?

This one had a lot going on. I really liked the babysitter-slasher aspect. I liked Bo and Kenzi going old-skool. I liked the notion of evil in suburbia, even if it is cliched and very Stepford. I like the idea of a fae mass grave - it is fascinating and horrifying. I like the idea of Lauren leaving, because I never liked her. But it was almost like there was too much going on here. It is especially awkward because last week’s episode was so dull. They could have spread some of the fun out!

Fae Tales

Lisa is a duppy, a fae spirit that lives in the earth. So she is a dead fae. She is like an empty vessel, and a human with a special trinket (like the one Caroline has) can control her into doing her bidding. Bo must kill her because it is the only way to ensure no one can use her as their vessel ever again. It is what Lisa wants.


Hale is inaugurated as the new Ash - and all hell erupts.