TV Recap: 'The Originals' Episode 101 - 'Always and Forever'



the originalsThe Originals Episode 101
“Always and Forever”
Written By: Julie Plec and Michael Narducci
Directed By: Chris Grismer
Original Airdate: 3 October 2013

In This Episode...

The first episode of The Originals is a retelling of “The Originals” episode of The Vampire Diaries but told from Elijah’s point of view.

Elijah is in New Orleans looking for Klaus and Jane Ann Devereaux, the witch Klaus came to the city to find. He is directed to sister Sophie, who fills him in on Jane Ann’s murder by Klaus’ former protege, Marcel. Elijah hides as Marcel comes to intimidate Sophie and the other witches who are praying over Jane Ann’s body. Witches are not allowed to practice magic in the French Quarter, and Marcel takes Jane Ann’s body to keep the witches in check. Some of Marcel’s vampires find Sophie later praying at an altar. Before they can attack her, Elijah steps in and kills them.

With a new trust formed, Sophie invites Elijah into the sacred ground of a cemetery, where her coven is gathered. There, she introduces Elijah to Hayley and Klaus’s fetus, and Elijah explains his family history and why this baby will turn Klaus around. Of course, this continuation of the Mikaelson bloodline is equally important to Elijah. Sophie makes a deal with Elijah: get Klaus to help them drive Marcel out of town, and no one has to know that a hybrid baby exists. Elijah convinces Klaus to meet with the witches, but he does not appreciate being manipulated and tells Sophie to kill Hayley and the baby, he doesn’t care. He leaves to go find Marcel, and Elijah promises that Klaus will come around. Sophie puts a deadline on Klaus’s involvement: if he’s not on board by midnight, Hayley dies. No use in killing Sophie, either: she and Hayley are linked, so if Sophie dies, Hayley dies. 

Elijah watches from the shadows as Klaus and Marcel have their confrontation in the club that results in Klaus taking a bite out of one of the vampire minions. Elijah tries to smooth things over by telling Marcel that Klaus’s blood will cure the bite, and he will get it for him, but only if they return Jane Ann’s body to the witches. Elijah presents Jane Ann to the witches as proof of his honorable intentions. One witch, Agnes, still doesn’t trust him, but the others calm her and they agree to give Elijah more time to get  Klaus on board.

He meets Klaus for one more attempt at changing his mind, and the brothers fight. Klaus doesn’t believe the baby will be born, but Elijah won’t let him walk away from this opportunity. Elijah finally admits that he feels guilty for not standing up for Klaus against his father’s beatings. Klaus laughs, but Elijah sits with him in the quarter. It is dark and quiet. Klaus feels betrayed by Marcel, and he wants it all back - he wants to be king of New Orleans. Elijah reminds him that with family comes loyalty and power. Finally, finally, finally - Klaus agrees to a deal with the witches.

So Elijah moves into a huge plantation house with Hayley and promises to always protect her. When Marcel gets Klaus’s blood, he says that the brothers are now welcome in the quarter. Elijah, meanwhile, believes that the witches have pure intent, but they are not forthcoming, and is wary of them. We are teased with how Marcel keeps the witches in line - he has a young witch named Davina in his employ, locked in an attic room.

Klaus is concerned that he has one weakness that Marcel could exploit: Elijah. So he stakes him. “If I am to win this war, I must do it alone.”

Dig It or Bury It?

Julie Plec, you have done it again. It is rare for a spinoff to maintain the same feel, the same mythos as the original, yet still remain its own entity. The Originals does just that. The pilot doesn’t even feel like a pilot because we aren’t inundated with character backstories. We get a few snippets here and there from “The Originals” episode of The Vampire Diaries to clue in anyone who is new, but it doesn’t feel like a repeat of stuff we already know - even when Elijah tells Hayley about his family history.

At Comic Con, show runner Julie Plec described The Originals as a more “grown-up” Vampire Diaries. Judging by this first episode, that does not necessarily mean it has more sex or violence (of which TVD had in spades) but that it deals with more “grown-up” issues. There will be no high school proms to worry about (which always end badly) but the idea of family bonds is stronger than ever. I am holding on to hope that once we get into the season, the family ties stuff will not be as heavy handed.


Rebekah rolls into town. I bet she will de-dagger Elijah.