TV Recap: 'The Originals' Episode 102 - 'House of the Rising Son'



The Originals Episode 102
“House of the Rising Son”
Written By: Diane Ademu-John and Declan de Barra
Directed By: Brad Turner
Original Airdate: 8 October 2013

In This Episode...

This episode contains lots of backstory, lots of flashbacks, and lots of reveals that certain innocuous occurrences have deeper meanings. 

Rebekah comes to town, looking for Elijah. After a confrontation with Klaus, she quickly comes to realize that Klaus “did” something to him - and with an Original vampire, that could only mean daggering. Klaus heads out for drinks with Marcel, and she enlists Hayley in helping her search the house. This was once the Governor’s house, and Rebekah knows it has lots of hidden rooms. She finds two coffins in the cellar, hers and Klaus’. Elijah’s is missing.

Let’s try to sort out some of the backstories. In the 1800s, the governor of New Orleans helped hide some of the Mikaelsens’ indiscretions. Rebekah was madly in love with the governor’s only son, Emil, and asked Elijah for permission to turn him. Klaus took exception to this and insulted his sister. Emil stood up for her, and Klaus threw Emil over the railing, killing him. On the day of Emil’s funeral, Klaus spotted a farmhand whipping a young slave boy. Klaus stepped in and took a shine to the boy - he was the governor’s illegitimate son and Klaus related to being an abused outsider. The boy had no name - he wouldn’t be given a name until age 10 in case the “fever took him,” but his mother died before then. Klaus named him Marcellus and took him under his wing, essentially raising him and promising to turn him when he was ready. Klaus saw him as a son, so he didn’t take it well when he walked in on Marcel smooching Rebekah. Marcel swore he would never do it again, but he couldn’t hide his love for Rebekah. As he grew up, he eventually gave in, saying that he would die with a smile on his lips if Klaus caught them. Well, Klaus did catch them, and he immediately daggered Rebekah. When he un-daggers her, Rebekah discovers she has been out for over 50 years. She got daggered but Marcel got a choice: live out his natural years with Rebekah, undaggered, but never be turned into a vampire; or forget about Rebekah and get eternal life. Marcel walks in, not having aged a day, and Rebekah is hurt.

Klaus also reveals what happened between him and Marcel. Klaus’s father chased the kids out of New Orleans, and they all thought that Marcel was dead. When Klaus returned to the city, he discovered that Marcel had not only survived, but thrived. Klaus was hurt that, instead of seeking out his adoptive family, he chose to lay claim to everything they created. To Klaus, there could be no greater betrayal.

Returning to the present, Klaus tells Rebekah that he gave Elijah over to Marcel as a sign of good faith. Klaus’ only plan to win back New Orleans is to get back in with Marcel and dismantle his operation from the inside. Marcel forces all his vampires to drink vervain so Klaus can’t control them. When Rebekah came into town, she killed six of Marcel’s vamps, so Klaus knew there were “openings” in the operation. He dosed and killed a couple of tourist, who were immediately brought to Marcel when discovered by the coroner. Klaus was with Marcel at the time, and he managed to get his hands on the one n00b vamp that Marcel didn’t kill and compel the kid to report to him on Marcel’s comings and goings. Similarly, Klaus knows Marcel is sweet on a bartender named Cami, so he compels her to do the same.

Hayley and Rebekah are forming a tenuous friendship. Rebekah is abrasive, but she did save Hayley from a trio of vampires when she dared to walk into the Quarter alone. So when Rebekah admits that she doesn’t want to get Elijah back without Klaus, for fear of ending up in her own coffin, Hayley produces the two remaining daggers and gives them to Rebekah. Emboldened, Rebekah confronts Marcel while on a date with Cami. Marcel is cocky, and knows that she won’t kill him, so Rebekah threatens Cami. Marcel gives in and after compelling Cami to forget, takes Rebekah to see Elijah.

Elijah, in his coffin, resides with his young witch Davina. She invites Rebekah in, but uses her witch power to prevent Rebekah from removing the dagger. Rebekah gets pissy, which Davina doesn’t like, and uses her power to casually throw Rebekah around before revoking her invitation and throwing her out the window. Rebekah wakes in her old bedroom - Marcel now owns the home - and Marcel gloats over his power. Rebekah rushes back to Klaus to tell him bout Davina, and is suddenly horrified when she realizes Davina wiped her memory of where she was taken. “She had power I never felt before... she is more than a witch.” Terror grips her. “Marcel has a weapon more powerful than an Original!” And just like that Rebekah and Klaus are on the same side.

Meanwhile, Marcel tells Davina that her new project is to figure out a way to kill an Original.

Also: Hayley purchases some wolfsbane with the intention of aborting her baby. At the last minute she decides she can’t go through with it, determined to be a better parent than any of hers.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am so hooked on this show! I love Klaus, I love Rebekah, I love Elijah. I love that it is all the dastardly goodness of The Vampire Diaries - without prom and pimples and other teenage stuff. (Thought TVD is moving past a lot of that, too.) Tonight was a particularly good episode (you know, out of the two that have aired so far) because I love the dynamics between the Originals. I am not so crazy about the witches. They are a little too high and mighty, and this was a witch-lite episode. I think the witches will grow into their roles, and I am sure I will love them by season’s end. Hell, Hayley no longer bothers me, and she came with The Secret Circle baggage.

I don’t know if I like the idea of something more powerful than an Original. The food chain has to stop at some point, and it seems like an easy out to just say, “Hey, now there is something bigger.” Of course, I’m sure Julie Plec and her team will make it awesome and I will change my mind. Surprisingly, the Originals being truly immortal somehow works. Often if you give a character too much power, makes them too undefeatable, it becomes frustrating. Somehow, the Originals make it work.


Rebekah invites Cami to a vampire masquerade ball. Marcel is mighty pissed about this.