TV Recap: 'The Originals' Episode 103 - 'Tangled Up in Blue'



The Originals Episode 103
“Tangled Up in Blue”
Written By: Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson
Directed By: Chris Grismer
Original Airdate: 15 October 2013

In This Episode...

How do Klaus and Rebekah get Elijah back? Klaus thought he would start by simply asking Marcel for his brother back. And if that doesn’t work, there is always plan B. I love plan B. Plan B is always something vicious, and in this case, according to Klaus, it is war. Klaus goes and asks Marcel for Elijah back, and predictably, Marcel says no. It would give the wrong impression to his vampires, who are already nervous with two Originals up and about.

Rebekah and Klaus have intersecting plans to get what they want. Marcel is having a huge masquerade ball tonight, and Rebekah strikes up a friendship with Cami and invites her to go. She figures that if Cami is there, Marcel will be distracted, which will allow her true plan to unfold. She has Sophie run a locator spell on Elijah, but since witchcraft is so heavily monitored in New Orleans, Rebekah plans to have Katie, the herb shop owner, do a bigger spell to act as a smokescreen. Katie will undoubtedly be killed, but it is a small price to pay - especially for a traitor. 

But what could happen to Katie to make her willing to risk her life to do magic - big magic? Love. Katie is dating Thierry, Marcel’s second-in-command. They are in love and Marcel lets it happen because he gets intel - like Katie tattling on Hayley. Marcel sends Thierry and a troupe of nightwalkers to roust the witches corner - and do so violently. Thierry makes a point to do some mild damage to Katie’s shop so as not to appear to play favorites. Max, one of the vampires under Klaus’s control, ignores Thierry’s warnings and attacks Katie. Thierry sees this and goes crazy, killing Max. As soon as the stake is in, he realizes what he did - and he is scared. He broke Marcel’s number one rule: don’t kill other vampires.

At the ball, Marcel is distracted by Cami, as Rebekah planned. That is until one of his lackeys tells Marcel about Thierry’s transgression... then Marcel goes to deal with Thierry. He wants Thierry’s side, and while Thierry says he didn’t intend to kill Max, he doesn’t deny what happened. At the same time, Katie is nearly inconsolable, knowing that death awaits her love. Sophie convinces her that the only possible way to save Thierry is to use magic. The two start casting together, but Katie soon gets up to wreak havoc on Marcel, leaving Sophie to finish her locator spell in peace.

Marcel seems on the verge of letting Thierry off with a stern warning, but then Josh delivers Klaus’s “insurance policy.” He has been compelled to say it was found in Katie’s shop. Inside the envelope is the spell for daywalker rings, a spell that Marcel guards closely. He takes this to mean that Thierry and Katie were planning on running off and building their own little “kingdom” and sentences Thierry to 100 years in “the garden.” As Marcel and his men are taking Thierry outside, Katie comes charging down the street like Stephen King’s Carrie on a bad day. She has the whole vampire-head-kablooey-noise-thing going, and it knocks Marcel on his ass. At the same time, Davina wakes up, screaming for Marcel.  Davina seems to feel much of the effects that Marcel does, even as she stumbles to her easel and sketches frantically. Back in the street, every time Marcel gets up, Katie knocks him back down until she has enough power to hold him. She produces a stake, but before she can kill Marcel, Klaus shows up and snaps her neck. The magic stops, and Klaus is the hero who saved Marcel. Back in the graveyard, Sophie still hasn’t finished the location spell (it doesn’t seem like it should take that long) but is convinced that she just needs a few more minutes. Rebekah knocks over her altar, fearing that if Sophie gets caught, she will die, and so will Hayley and the baby. Klaus plays the sympathetic friend, and Marcel feels that he owes Klaus, and promises to return Elijah to him. Klaus returns home and gloats to a depressed Rebekah that his plan worked, and they would be getting Elijah back soon. Rebekah still isn’t happy, especially after Klaus reveals he won’t kill Marcel until he knows what the deal with Davina is - and can make her his.

Thierry is taken to a dungeon. Marcel lands one final punch to the gut, then tells his henchman to seal Thierry up behind a concrete wall. He then visits Davina, who is relieved to see him - until he reveals that he plans on giving back Elijah. Davina throws a temper tantrum. “You said the old ones are dangerous. I won’t give him back until I know how to kill them!” She even stamps her feet as she says this.

Also: Sabine stays with Hayley to keep her company while everyone else is at the party. She is a terrible consolation prize, but she does one of those old wives tale rituals to divine the sex of Hayley’s baby. No magic required. Sabine thinks it is a girl - but then has doubts, and suddenly starts speaking in tongues. That night, Hayley tries desperately to translate what she said, but she isn’t having any luck.

Dig It or Bury It?

Deliciously diabolical. I am thinking that Marcel and Davina have some sort of binding spell between them... and she is going to turn into an adolescent brat. You know, more than she already is.

So what is going on with Hayley’s baby? Maybe it is twins? Maybe it is something more than just a vampire/werewolf hybrid. I bet it is some insane supernatural being, more powerful than any other supernatural on the show - combined.


Klaus finds out some alarming news about Cami’s past, and Hayley finds out alarming news about her baby’s future. Plus there is a big music festival which can only mean bloodshed and violence.