TV Recap: 'The Originals' Episode 105 - 'Sinners and Saints'


The Originals Episode 105
“Sinners and Saints”
Written By: Marguerite MacIntyre and Julie Plec
Directed By: Chris Grismer
Original Airdate: 29 October 2013

In This Episode...

The most important thing we learn tonight is how Davina came into Marcel’s care. Ready?

Sophie was never much of a believer in witchcraft. Her mother was very strict, so as soon as she turned 21, Sophie left New Orleans to travel and party. With that out of her system, she came home and decided she wanted to be a cook. When she returns home, Jane-Anne greets her with a hug and a warning: the elders have voted, and they are going to hold a harvest.

The witch harvest is done once every 300 years or so, and is done to appease the ancestors, which means that they will continue to provide power to the living witches. The harvest calls for four girls to enter a state of “peaceful limbo” then be “reborn” a few days later. Basically, they are killed and resurrected. Davina was one of these girls. One of the other girls was Davina’s best friend, Monique, who was also Jane-Anne’s daughter. Both girls believed what their mothers told them, that being chosen was a great honor and would bring health and prosperity to her family. Sophie, however, thought it was all a myth and fought desperately to stop the ceremony. Each girl’s palm was slit as part of the blood oath, and that would send you to the aforementioned “peaceful limbo” - or at least, that is what the girls were told. Instead, Bastiana, the elder in charge of the ceremony, slit each girls’ throat ruthlessly. All except Davina. With each slit palm, the power from that girl moved into the next, and when the last girl was killed, it would release the power back into the earth. Since Davina wasn’t killed, she had the power of three girls before her mixing it up with her own power, making her one badass witch.

Before this harvest business, witches and vampires got along - more or less. Some better than others. Sophie and Marcel had a casual sexual relationship, for example. The witches go to Father Kieran to get him on their side before beginning the harvest. Kieran is only on the side of the humans, and feels the harvest goes too far. The elder witches won’t listen, and he assures them that they will no longer have him as an ally when Marcel finds out. Before they leave, one of the witches (Agnes, I think) hexes Shawn by innocently holding his hand and greeting him with pleasantries. It was shortly after this that Shawn’s mind started to crack and he went on his killing spree. Kieran was Shawn’s (and therefore Cami’s) uncle, so it was too much for him to bear, and he took a leave of absence. Before leaving though, he warned Marcel about the impending harvest and asked him to stop it.

Aside from not wanting the witches to gain more power, Marcel has a thing against anyone who abuses a child, so he and his vampy brethren interrupted the harvest and killed most of the witches there. When one of the witches tried to kill Davina in a last-ditch effort to save the ceremony, Marcel stepped in and whisked Davina away. He swore to protect her, keep her safe until he could get her out of town. Davina just wanted revenge. With Kieran gone and the one thing the witches wanted more than anything under his care, it was easy enough for Marcel to gain control of the French Quarter in the name of vampires. The great irony of all this is that Sophie was proven wrong: the harvest was real, and did work. So Sophie isn’t so much worried about taking down Marcel; she wants to get Davina so the witches can complete the ritual and her niece can be resurrected. As Elijah so succinctly explains at the episode’s end, “This isn’t about power. It’s about family.”

So that is the back story. But there were still other, “current” developments tonight. Davina was too curious about Elijah to put him back in the box or tattle on him. She tells him her whole, sad story. Davina just wants to be “normal” - she has too much power and she can’t control it. Elijah offers to help her learn to use her power using his mother’s old grimoires, but Davina can’t leave town. Marcel had come in earlier (while Elijah hid) and told Davina he was getting her out of town. So when he comes back to get her, she leaves happily. All a ruse. Down in the chapel, she conjures up an earthquake and fear, tells Marcel it is dangerous out there, and passes out. As expected, Marcel delivers her back to the safety of the church attic.

Meanwhile, the girls head out to the bayou to figure out what was going on with the dead witches. Hayley feels a connection to the wolf pack that saved her from the witches. Sophie explains that Sabine had some kind of vision of Hayley’s baby bringing down all the witches. Sophie then goes on to call Sabine a drama queen - but clearly we now know that Sophie’s intentions are not as honorable as she thinks. Basically, the whole journey to the bayou was time filler and to serve as background for the far more interesting story.

Also of note: Marcel didn’t know that Cami was Kieran’s niece and Shawn’s twin until this episode. There is more to the Rebekah / Marcel story than we know yet. Elijah reveals himself to both Marcel and Klaus during one of their now-predictable face offs in an alley. Everyone is surprised, but when he comes home to Rebekah, she is overjoyed.

Dig It or Bury It?

I love this back story. Everything turns on its head; everyone you think is a good guy isn’t; everyone you think is a bad guy is just misunderstood. I prefer stories that deal in grey areas than just black and white, which is why Klaus is such an appealing character. He’s bad - but sometimes he does things that aren’t entirely bad. And when put in a different setting, there is always someone worse.

I’m impressed with how involved The Originals is getting - for only the fifth episode. Sure, it helps that half of the mythology was already established, but it is just so crisp and tightly structured. They waste no time in throwing the shit to the fan, and let the new characters evolve with the story. I am far too addicted to this show.


Klaus becomes more protective towards his unborn child; Kieran becomes more protective of Cami; Elijah becomes a mentor to Davina.