TV Recap: 'The Originals' Episode 106 - 'Fruit of the Poisoned Tree'


the originalsThe Originals Episode 106
“Fruit of the Poisoned Tree”
Written By: Charlie Charbonneau and Diane Ademu-John
Directed By: Michael Allowitz
Original Airdate: 5 November 2013

In This Episode...

Klaus and Elijah are having a very “dignified” afternoon, reading and listening to classical music. Of course there is a dead body between them, a peace offering from Klaus, which Elijah refuses. And of course, Rebekah is the one who must clean it up. Elijah, who had been reading his mother’s spellbook, found what he needed and decides it is time to unbind Sophie and Hayley. He takes a page from the spellbook to Davina, who is pleased to see him. Elijah wants Davina to practice this spell, with a huge monkey’s fist knot (the one that Sophie used in her binding spell - unbeknownst to Davina). He promises that if she can learn this advanced spell, he will bring her another of her choice. Davina sets to work, but it is frustrating.

Elijah’s next stop - with Klaus - is to Rousseau’s. Sophie is missing, and Sabine is knocked out. Three of Agnes’s goons came in and abducted Sophie. They brought her back to Agnes, who chained her up and injected her with an antique syringe. Hayley feels this injection, and becomes feverish shortly thereafter. The guys find Sophie, alone, and she spills: the syringe was a cursed object used specifically to abort fetuses. She realizes that, despite her devotion to her coven, there is only so much crazy she can take, and right now the least crazy side seems to be the vampire and his hybrid brother who want to save the life of an unborn miracle baby.

Klaus busts up Father Kieran’s equivalent of a founder’s meeting. They call themselves a faction, something that Klaus actually started centuries ago, and designed to manage the supernatural populations. Now, the faction is exclusively human. Klaus is not there to break up the party; he just wants Agnes’s address Kieran refuses to give it up - until Klaus tells him that she was the one who hexed Shawn. Then it’s a whole new ballgame. The faction still needs to discuss it, so Klaus gives them one hour. The faction is not inclined to help out a vampire, but Kieran assures them it is not for Klaus - it is for himself. Klaus returns, in under an hour, and assures Kieran that if he gets Agnes to the church, he will ensure Cami’s safety. He agrees. Upon arrival, her syringe is taken and handed over to Klaus. Agnes is offended that Kieran made a deal with Klaus, which seems odd to me. She couldn’t foresee that hexing his nephew would turn Kieran against the witches? Anyway, Klaus does his usual “undo the curse or I will show you things worse than death” speech. Agnes stands firm.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Hayley’s fever is getting worse. Elijah returns home with Sophie, who can do a spell to counter the effects of the syringe, which will hopefully give Davina enough time to finish the unbinding spell. Rebekah is sent to gather herbs, which Hayley drinks while they take her in the pool. The goal is to drop her temperature to prevent her from cooking her fetus. It gets down to the wire, with Hayley doubling over in pain and Elijah trying to calm her down. (If it hadn’t been clear before, this is a hit-you-over-the-head sign that Elijah and Hayley will hook up at some point, leaving a very jealous and angry Klaus.) Davina figures out the unbinding spell, proudly, and Sophie can feel the spell lifting from her. Hayley calms down as the fever breaks. With Hayley safe, Elijah heads out to help Klaus with Agnes. Sophie begs Elijah not to let Klaus kill Agnes. She is the only link to the power the witches need to survive. Elijah isn’t keen on doing any favors for Sophie or her coven, but he promises that his brother will not kill Agnes. Yes, that is because Elijah plans to do it himself. He storms the church to find Klaus getting ready to snap Agnes’s neck. In a blinding moment of violence, he rips out the hearts of Agnes’s three goons and tosses them to the floor. Elijah, always one to keep his promises, tells Klaus that he will forgive him for daggering him, in exchange for letting Agnes go. Klaus abides - and Elijah snaps her neck. “No one hurts my family. No one,” he seethes as he leaves the church.

Also: Marcel’s flirting with Rebekah finally paid off, and the two have crazy vampire sex in the old Mikaelsen home. Afterwards, Rebekah tries to get Marcel to leave with her. He has no desire to do so, and Rebekah storms out of the home - and house - in a huff. Marcel recognized the scent of an apple Rebekah brought from home - it was the same kind of apple that was thrown at him when he was a slave. Time to visit the Mikaelsens at home.

Elijah comes home and finds Hayley gone. He phones Rebekah, who is on her way out of town. She doesn’t have Hayley, and is clearly concerned - both for her niece or nephew, and because this means she will have to go back to New Orleans. Klaus comes home and informs Elijah that Marcel has been here. 

Dig It or Bury It?

Tonight’s episode was a lot slower paced than last week’s episode - which pretty much makes it a normal hour of television. There was a lot of housekeeping from last week, tying up some loose ends, but there weren’t really any new mysteries. I mean sure, Hayley has “disappeared,” but you knew that was coming, and it wasn’t a surprise. Of course Marcel wants Hayley. I’m sure they will discover some new mystery about her fetus that will make it valuable to Marcel, but for the time being, just having the girl is enough to get Elijah and Klaus to back off.


Elijah and Klaus must be desperate to get Hayley back - they are turning to Sabine for help. I wonder how much longer before Tyler shows up?