TV Recap: 'The Originals' Episode 109 - 'Reigning Pain in New Orleans'


the originalsThe Originals Episode 109
“Reigning Pain in New Orleans”
Written By: Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson
Directed By: Joshua Butler
Original Airdate: 3 December 2013

In This Episode...

Klaus holds a dinner party for Marcel and his inner circle, a sort of introduction to their new leader. He introduces them to Hayley, and since she is carrying his child, she is to be given “the appropriate respect.” In other words, “don’t kill my baby mama.” But, to win over the vampires, he gives the okay for them to kill all the (other) werewolves in New Orleans. So Diego and his crew head into the bayou, but are stopped by Elijah and Rebekah, who warn them to leave Hayley’s clan alone. Elijah finds Eve, who assures him that she knows how to hide, but some of the new packs to the bayou do not. They are the ones who need protection - and Eve has a good reason.

The human faction is not thrilled with the new status quo, so Klaus and Marcel meet with them. Marcel warns that a little bit of diplomacy can go a long way with the humans, but this is Klaus we are talking about. The mayor and the chief of police lay out the rules: no feeding on locals, and do not bring undue attention to the city. The “freaks” can do whatever they want and the authorities will look the other way so long as their pockets remain lined. Klaus makes a counter offer: they take whatever scraps he gives them, and they thank him for it. Marcel and Klaus adjourn to the darkened vampire bar for drinks, when Klaus gets a call. The humans have made a decision. That decision is, apparently, an air strike. The front wall of the bar is blown out, causing most of the vampires inside to burst into flames. Marcel is pissed and concedes: let’s kill them all.

Kieran is called in for a faction meeting, only to discover that the mayor didn’t call the meeting; he thought Kieran called it. Nope, Klaus called it. And in moments, he and Marcel have killed everyone - except Kieran. They have decided he could still be useful. Rebuild the faction, and then they will try negotiations again. Klaus and Marcel retire to the compound, and Klaus tries to make amends with Marcel by telling him that the witches made him usurp his power after threatening his unborn child. “At first it meant nothing to me,” Klaus tells Marcel, “but my father held me in contempt the moment I was born, as did yours. I will not do to mine what was done to me. To us.” Since Klaus is feeling so emotional (and here I thought we could get through one episode where Klaus doesn’t cry) he admits to Marcel that he was jealous of everything he built without him. Marcel softens, tells Klaus he couldn’t have done it without Klaus, blah blah blah. Klaus invites Marcel to rule with him, side by side, as equals, friends, brothers. Marcel drinks to that. But when Marcel informs Rebekah that his plans have changed, she is hurt. He is choosing Klaus over her. Again. And she reminds him that she “knows the words that will make him hate you forever.” It has something to do with that photo from the opera in 1919.

After Klaus admits that Elijah and Davina had a deal to keep her in the church attic, he agrees to move her into the compound. She is scared about the move but once she arrives and finds Josh living there (or hiding there) she perks up. Hayley wants to form some kind of alliance with them (apparently we are in a reality show) and just watch each other’s backs. Later, as Davina unpacks, she can’t find her violin. Hayley pops in and suggests she just go get it. Davina explains why it is not safe for her and is heartbroken when Hayley reveals that Elijah killed Agnes. She was the last living elder, so if what Hayley says is true, she is safe. But Davina doesn’t believe that Marcel would use her like that; Hayley must be lying in order to get something from her. Hayley wouldn’t lie if she wanted something from Davina; she would just ask. Like reversing the werewolf curse. Davina asks Josh if he trusts Hayley, and Josh confirms that he heard the same about “crazy Agnes.” She is hurt that Marcel would use her and makes Josh promise to get her out of there. He agrees, but “where else are you going to go?”

Cami is still helping Klaus with his memoirs, but she is getting angry and indignant about the lies and the compulsion. Klaus compels it out of her - again - but when she goes home, she has left notes for herself: don’t trust Klaus, and look in your purse pocket. Inside she had a small audio recorder running. She plays it back and is horrified to hear Klaus’s admissions, and even more horrified to hear her own voice on the recording. She has no memory of any of this, but begins piecing it together. She calls Kieran in a panic but he doesn’t have much time to help her because he is dealing with the Klaus/faction thing. He does decide it is time for Cami to leave New Orleans, giving Klaus permission to compel her to leave. He does, and it works. But as Cami is packing, Davina visits. She has no idea who Davina is. “Oh, you’ve been compelled. I can fix that,” the little witch says, then comes in and starts ripping the compulsion out of her head.

Let’s go back to the werewolves. Eve has good reason for Rebekah and Elijah to protect the other werewolves. As they threaten Diego and his crew away from one unlucky kid, Elijah notices a ring on a necklace around the boy’s neck. He takes it... then takes it back to Klaus as proof. They last saw that ring on their mother’s finger. It would seem that the descendants of Klaus’s biological father have taken up residence in the Louisiana bayou. This is Elijah and Rebekah’s attempts to make amends. “Even if this ring is what you say it is, I have had enough of family to last a lifetime - why would I want more?” Elijah later finds Klaus at the compound to apologize for accusing Klaus of having ulterior motives with the baby. It is genuine, and Klaus seems to take it to heart. He invites Elijah and Rebekah, when they are ready and if they want to, to move into the family compound with him. So it seems the Mikaelsens are on the mend.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode felt fractured - like there was too much to cram in. That’s not necessarily bad, but it did make the show feel especially long. I can’t help but wonder what happened to the witches? Where did Sophie disappear to? I am trying really hard to care about the werewolves, but Eve really makes it hard.


We are on winter hiatus until January 14th, but it seems the witches return in the new year.