TV Recap: 'The Originals' Episode 111 - 'Apres Moi, le Deluge'


The Originals Episode 111
“Apres Moi, le Deluge”
Written By: Marguerite MacIntyre and Diane Ademu-John
Directed By: Leslie Libman
Original Airdate: 21 January 2014

In This Episode…

Marcel is desperately trying to mend things with Davina, but she isn’t having any of it. An earthquake hits - and Davina starts coughing up dirt. The entire French Quarter is quaking and Davina has no idea what is going on. Elijah decides to go visit the one person who would know what is going on: Sophie. Before he leaves, Hayley, in the interest of honesty, tells Elijah how she helped Sophie. He is gobsmacked. 

Sophie returns to the compound with bad news. The four elements are cycling through Davina. The power from all the witches was never supposed to stay with her, and that much magic is literally tearing Davina apart. After the earthquakes will come winds, then floods, and finally, fire. It will destroy all of New Orleans if the Harvest is not complete. While Marcel has his doubts, the Originals are all on board for finishing the Harvest. The witches don’t have any elders left, but if Sophie can get the unconsecrated bones of an elder witch, she can have that magic transferred into herself - this is why she needed Celeste’s bones. Marcel is really broken up about this, and he takes Davina away from the compound. Rebekah had put her on a sedative IV drip to slow down the progression of symptoms, so when Davina wakes, she is with Marcel in a crash pad made out of a shipping container. It takes some work, but Marcel finally regains Davina’s trust when he tells her that he put that protection spell on her, saving her from Klaus’s poison. Personally, that doesn’t really prove anything to me because a witch is more valuable alive then dead, but whatever.

Hayley wants to take some canned goods to the werewolves in the bayou who had to wait out the storm with nothing. Worrying about the baby, Klaus takes Hayley and her canned food to Kieran’s church. This is not the first delivery Klaus has made, and the church is housing a number of the destitute. Klaus finally reveals that these are werewolves, but not from Hayley’s bloodline; they are his clan. She seems confused by this. Did she not know he was a hybrid? This, more than anything else this whole episode, shocked me. While there, they check to see if Marcel and Davina are there (they aren’t) and Klaus recommends that, whatever happened between Hayley and Elijah, she should just apologize. Elijah has an infinite capacity to forgive.

Sophie is trying to transfer Celeste’s magic to herself, but it is not working - there is no magic there. A witch’s magic is stored in her bones, so the only way it could be gone is if someone got to it first. Elijah has an idea - it’s a little complicated, a little desperate, but it might just work: his mother, the most powerful witch the world has ever seen, was never consecrated, and Klaus happens to have her bones in the basement. Elijah puts the plantation in Hayley’s name, since she is carrying the next generation of Mikaelson, and buries mom on the property, which makes her a New Orleans witch. The remaining Mikaelson children, plus Hayley, each slice their palms with a ceremonial dagger, then toss it in with Esther’s coffin.

The dagger is then brought to Sophie in the cemetery, where she lays out Esther’s bones and prepares to become an elder. Davina, of course, is still missing. That could prove to be a problem. Rebekah sweet talks Thierry into giving up Marcel’s favorite secret hideout, and she finds him, caring for Davina. Rebekah does not broach the subject with rage like her brother. She simply lays out the facts: Davina is going to die. If she doesn’t go through the Harvest, the elements will rip her apart and take the city with it. At least with the Harvest, Davina will be resurrected.

Davina comes to the conclusion, on her own, that she will go through with the Harvest. After all it would be selfish to take down the whole city with her. Marcel carries Davina to the cemetery in the pouring rain, a trail of fire igniting behind them. The other three girls - remarkably well-preserved - are laid out. Davina is presented to Sophie, says she believes in the Harvest, and her throat is slit. She slips away into Marcel’s arms. Even Klaus looks sad as Davina is added to the row of dead little girls. A red glow passes through Davina’s arm and fades at her fingers. Sophie continues with the Reaping, and she calls upon the elders to resurrect the chosen ones. Nothing happens. Sophie tries again; still nothing. She begs. Nope. Sophie collapses into tears. Marcel glares at Klaus before storming off.

Klaus finds Marcel trashing the compound’s courtyard. Marcel blames Klaus for all of this; Klaus just embraces him. “I’m sorry. You may think I know nothing of your grief, but you are wrong. When I thought you were dead, it was years before I could speak your name.” Klaus holds Marcel tighter in a very sweet, genuine moment. He next goes to Rebekah and tells her how impressed he was with her today. “Sometimes I don’t think I give you your due.” Klaus admits that he really thought Davina would survive. Rebekah thinks of something suddenly: what happened to all that magic? Four were supposed to rise; none did. Where did all that power go?

Hayley asks Elijah if he is ready to forgive her yet. He is offended because she was in his mind - she should have known how precious his promise to Celeste was. Hayley is done being sorry. “You made that promise 200 years ago. I live in the now. I won’t choose the dead over the living.” She walks away, but Elijah grabs her… pulls her close… but chickens out and lets go of her before they kiss.

So about that power. Sabine is playing with bleeding voodoo dolls and drinking from a goblet of blood. Two women and a man stumble through an otherwise deserted French Quarter. They are wearing outdated clothing and frankly are moving like zombies. They meet with Sabine in the middle of the street. But Sabine has been Sabine for almost a year, and she is tired of it. She wants to be called by her real name.


Dig It or Bury It?

I am sad that Davina is dead. I really liked her as a character. Of course, just because she is dead doesn’t mean she is gone. Am I the only one who never believed the Harvest Girls would be resurrected? From the very first time we learned about the Harvest, I was skeptical. It sounded like snake oil. I’m still not sure if the resurrection failed because Sophie didn’t do it right, or because it was never going to happen to begin with.

I still can’t believe that Hayley didn’t know that Klaus was a hybrid. She was buddies with Tyler, who she knew was a hybrid - didn’t she? Anyway, she knew Tyler was a werewolf, and she knew he was sired to Klaus. I mean really, there is no way she couldn’t have known. Yet she seemed genuinely shocked when Klaus “introduced” her to his clan. 


Vampires are showing up dead as black magic returns to the Quarter.