TV Recap: 'The Originals' Episode 113 - 'Crescent City'


The Originals Episode 113
“Crescent City”
Written By: Michael Narducci and Julie Plec
Directed By: Chris Grismer
Original Airdate: 4 February 2014

In This Episode…

There is a lot going on in tonight’s episode…

Papa Tunde’s death means that one of the Harvest girls can be resurrected. That girl is Monique, Sophie’s niece, who explodes out of a tomb in front of a shocked tour group. Sophie is pretty happy, and Marcel is encouraged by the fact that he might get Davina back. Klaus sees this increased witch activity - and finding Papa Tunde left ceremonially in the compound - as a declaration of war. Elijah wants Rebekah to take Hayley to the plantation house for safety. Rebekah is willing to do it if only to end her quarrel with Elijah. Kieran holds his first public church service at St. Anne’s, which is attended by Marcel and Klaus. Marcel thinks he sees Genevieve there, a witch that he and Rebekah knew - and ruined - in the 1920s. Genevieve knows a big secret about them. Bastiana greets Kieran after his sermon, but it isn’t a friendly greeting: she shakes his hand, chants, and leaves a mark. She has given him the same hex she gave Shawn.

Okay, baselines set. Let’s start with Rebekah and Hayley. Tonight is the full moon and if Hayley is going to be under house arrest, she is going to have a party and invite all the Crescent wolves over. This is the one night per month that they will be human, and she wants to meet them. Rebekah agrees reluctantly - until she meets Oliver and there is an instant attraction. The two end up making out in the woods as the night goes on. Hayley is cleaning up inside the house when Jackson introduces himself. He is the wolf who has been protecting her, and he offers a glimpse into her family history. They are each from the two oldest werewolf bloodlines - kind of like royalty. Infighting led to the werewolf population being severely decimated by the vampires, so their parents betrothed Jackson and Hayley to each other. It is like two royals getting married to strengthen their alliances. Jackson has been looking forward to meeting his betrothed since he was a child. Hayley is a little overwhelmed by this.

Kieran goes to Cami at the bar. She is not happy that he was fraternizing with Klaus and Marcel, but that changes when she sees the fear in Kieran’s eyes. He tells her about the hex, and her anger gives way to fear. Genevieve is at the bar, too. She presents Papa Tunde’s dagger and says if they want the hex removed, Cami will plunge the dagger into Klaus’ heart. Cami meets Klaus at the church later, and he tries to make amends, promising that Kieran is only doing what he thinks is best for Cami. She has resolved herself to the fact that a war is brewing and she needs to choose a side. She stands, dagger at the ready - but hands it over to him. She chooses the winning side. She also tells him about Kieran’s hex, and Klaus agrees to help. He bleeds himself into a cup while Kieran bleeds himself into the baptismal to drain the vervain from his system. Klaus’ blood heals him, and Klaus compels the hex out of him. At least, in theory. Kieran doesn’t know if it worked - and snaps at Cami unnecessarily. Something tells me a simple compulsion is not going to cut it.

Marcel is with Sophie, who is trying t do a locator spell on Celeste, Bastiana, and Genevieve. Sophie is weaker than she thought, and is having a hard time. Klaus shows up and decides he doesn’t need the locator spell - he just needs Monique, and absconds with her out into the eerily abandoned Quarter. With Papa Tunde’s knife held to her throat, Klaus marches down the street, shouting for the witches to show themselves. Marcel catches up with him, insisting that they do not harm children. The men fight, Klaus drops the dagger, and snaps Marcel’s neck. During the fight, Sophie had come to the street, so when Klaus turns around, she plunges the dagger into his chest. Klaus screams in agony, a scream the likes of which I have never heard. His chest ripples and I start to think we are going to get a Freddy Krueger “chest of souls” thing, but no - the dagger is absorbed into Klaus’s body and he collapses. When Marcel eventually wakes up, Klaus is gone.

Elijah goes to Sabine under the pretense that he wants to build an alliance with her. It is a ruse; he knows she is Celeste. She doesn’t deny it, and Celeste kisses him. Her kiss is poison, and Elijah grows dizzy. She died because of Klaus, and she is mad that Elijah stood by him, even after the death of his (supposed) true love. She explains quickly, before he passes out: Klaus, Rebekah, and Hayley will all be in grave danger, but by the time he has recovered from the poison, he will only have strength enough to save one. When Elijah wakes, his first call is to Hayley. He tells her to stay with Rebekah until he can get there.

Rebekah, fooling around with Oliver in the woods, receives an apology as he pulls away. “I really like you, but this is the deal we made with your witch friend.” A pack of wolves surround Rebekah and leave her bloody and broken on the ground - until Genevieve comes to collect her. At the same time, the witches’ spell traps Hayley and Jackson in the house, which is now engulfed in flames. Elijah (somehow) breaks in and rescues Hayley before she can succumb to smoke inhalation. She insist he go back and save Jackson, which he does, then he goes to save Rebekah. All he finds is her jacket. Celeste, Genevieve, and Bastiana approach. She wants Elijah to know she is in charge now, taunts him, and breaks him to the ground. 

Bastiana then stops by to visit Kieran and Cami - who is trying to reach Klaus. Bastiana informs her that he is “indisposed.” She is mad that Cami “joined with evil” and to oppose the witches is to oppose the natural order. The witches of the French Quarter will rise again, and Kieran will die a horrible death.

Elijah returns to the compound, and has no patience for Marcel’s “excuses” that he doesn’t know where Klaus is - or care. Elijah throws his vampire goons against the wall and informs Marcel they have Rebekah - and he will kill them all. Elijah is teetering on Klaus-levels of vengeance. 

And finally, Sophie is packing the car to get her and Monique out of town, away from this “crazy witch nonsense.” But Monique doesn’t want to go - “I am a witch!” She does a brain-drain thing, the kind of thing witches usually do to vampires, but it has the same effect on Sophie, who drops with blood running from her nose and eyes. “The ancestors said you didn’t have the faith,” Monique informs her. “Whent he four of us return we will have enough power to rid New Orleans of all vampires, and we will kill everyone in our way. You should have had faith.” She leaves her aunt, nearly unconscious from the pain, and joins with Celeste, Genevieve, and Bastiana.

Dig It or Bury It?

Aaaah! So much happened! Shit is getting so crazy!

I like that the Original vampires can’t die. Rather than making them all-powerful, they are given other, more human failings (like emotions) that make them relatable - but it still means that crazy shit can happen to them and they will recover.


“Just because we can’t kill them doesn’t mean we can’t destroy them.” A brilliant way to describe the torture that Rebekah and Klaus are going through.